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DScraft beta test footage. Development continues on the two homebrew, Minecraft-inspired DS projects — here you can see plenty of additions Smealum’s added since the first rudimentary release, like basic controls, torches, texture pack support, new block types, and more.

Smealum hasn’t put out a public release showing his progress with DScraft so far, but you can see more of what he’s added in this recent fanmade trailer

The other Minecraft-style DS project, Lumikha (formerly LuaCraft), which more resembles Terraria with its sidescrolling 2D presentation, is also coming along nicely, though I think it really needs more attention so French developer Fantasix will continue to work on it.

I can’t wait until both projects start adding enemies, as the hostile world of Minecraft's Beta always appealed to me more than the safer Classic version.

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