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Flame Red 3DS coming to U.S. on Sep. 9

Fans of the Virtual Boy color scheme, rejoice! The Flame Red Nintendo 3DS (known as “Flare Red” in Japan) is coming to North America on September 9, the same day Star Fox 64 3D ships. Now where’s my Purple 3DS?

This system will of course benefit from the same $169.99 markdown the Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue systems will receive in a couple days — or are already enjoying, if you’re shopping at Walmart, which dropped its prices early.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime offered this groan-inducing pun in the company’s press release for the new edition today: “Nintendo 3DS is poised to be on fire for the holidays, with its new suggested retail price, great games and our new Flame Red color.”

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