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Trailer for Kuukiyomi, a DSiWare game about manners, scheduled to release in Japan this spring for 500 Points.

This game, whose title translates as “reading the atmosphere,” is a mobile port from G-mode. Unlike Gameloft’s crummy cell phone ports revealed (they should bring over these games instead) for the DSi download service two days ago, this one looks interesting!

In addition to learning about making room on the subway for others to sit, you’ll make controversial moral decisions about whether to give a robot his arm back or use his limb to play Tetris, according to the Famitsu scan below.

You would have to be a dick to sacrifice that poor robot’s arm for points. Hopefully, someone will localize this curious “manners training” game for Western DSi systems, retitling it Don’t Be A Dick DS.

Kuukiyomi's mobile site has other hilarious examples of rude things that only a dick would do:

Our guesses of the disrespectful acts, from left to right:

  1. Not doing the team pose
  2. Executing your final attack on Godzilla before the climactic end of the battle
  3. Being awake when Santa shows up

Again, I really hope this comes stateside.

Import: Japanese Nintendo DSi (White, Black, Pink, Lime Green, Metallic Blue)

Preorder: U.S. Matte Black and Blue DSi

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[Trailer from the mobile version via official mobile site, Famitsu scan via Wii Everyday]

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