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Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley's “3D” gameplay explained ⊟

Did you enjoy staring at a lil’ cow last night? Then you’ll like these other new Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley screens released by Natsume during E3.

In addition to this media, the game’s E3 brochure page explains the claims of novel “three-dimensional” gameplay:

This is the first game in the Harvest Moon series that can truly be called three-dimensional, as you can use your shovel to dig up and stack soil! That hill you see across the way that you can’t reach even if you jump? Try stacking some soil, climbing on top of the newly created “platform,” and jump again! This time you’ll be sure to reach it, and discover a new part of the land you couldn’t explore before!”

You can also use your shovel to dig downwards! Don’t like traveling all the way to the river to catch your fish? Just dig down into the soil to create your own fishing hole near your house!

Sounds like Natsume took the loss of Story of Seasons as an opportunity to build some Minecraft-esque elements into a Harvest Moon. This is a genius move.

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