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Inspired by the (most likely fictional) tale we posted a week ago about the "super creepy Pokémon hack", a group of ROM hackers are trying to create a patch that will mimic the mechanics of the haunted bootleg.

The team is making the patch for Pokémon FireRed and not just Red, so you won’t be able to play this on an old school Game Boy, as in the original story. From what I can tell, the group wants to make two versions — one that stays true to what was described in the “super creepy Pokémon hack” post, and another that’s inspired by the story but incorporates some creative additions.

If you know anything about scripting or programming, feel free to lend a hand! Hopefully, this project will actually see completion (unlike 95 percent of most other homebrew projects), so people can burn the patched game to flashcarts and leave them lying around flea markets/thrift stores/garage sales/etc for kids to discover.

Buy: Pokemon HeartGold and/or SoulSilver

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[Thanks, Brock!]

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