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Dragon Quest X coming to 3DS ⊟

The Wii/Wii U/PC MMO will be released on 3DS in Japan September 4. Players of the handheld version will be able to share the same game world with the other versions. The control scheme looks really, really awkward and shoehorned, with basically pictures of Wii U buttons on the touchscreen.

It’s apparently built on streaming tech, like the mobile version, which means it isn’t so much a 3DS game as a 3DS client running an OnLive-style stream of the game running on a computer somewhere… else… Despite the actual game not really being on 3DS, it’ll still cost ¥3800 and come in a box (packaging shot above via Famitsu). As a result of the streaming, it’ll look better than most 3DS games but won’t be in 3D.

An in-game code will be available to get exclusive “Lemon Slime” items. I do want Lemon Slime items…

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