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Indie games inspired by Famicase carts!

Am I dreaming? How is this possible? A group of indie gamers at TIGSource have conspired to produce downloadable and browser-based games inspired by the insanely awesome "My Famicase" artworks — Famicom cart designs created for made-up, fantastic titles.

Surely something as wonderful as this isn’t meant for our ungrateful waking world? Look at the image above — someone has recreated a mini-game (one of two!) based on Neco Touch. It is exactly how a Neco Touch game would play, if Neco Touch existed in our realm.

As the planets align tonight, the Perseides will send hundreds of its meteors across the evening sky while the Moon cowers in fear, unable to face the terrible wishes men will fling up by the thousands at the lines of streaking light.  Are these games an early gift from the heavens?

You can find and play dozens of these games at TIGSource’s "A Game By Its Cover" project page (not all of the games are for Famicase carts) — that’s assuming that the website isn’t a figment of a half-remembered dream.

These games wouldn’t have done the original Famicase carts justice if anyone but a group of indie game designers handled this project. These Famicase games needed to be created by (possibly fabricated) hobbyist developers with limited resources and wild imaginations.

What does it all mean?


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[Via TIGSource]

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