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Protect Me Knight 2 for 3DS eShop ⊟

Minna de Mamotte Knight is the sequel to an Xbox Live Indie Games release (remember that?) by Ancient Corp., the company run by legendary composer Yuzo Koshiro (and other members of his family!)  – which explains why the music in the trailer is so good and so authentically retro.

It’s sort of a tower defense-ish thing, in that you’re protecting a princess from oncoming waves of enemies, but you get to control the various characters with combo-based attacks and stuff, rather than just setting up and watching yourself fail over like three minutes.

The sequel adds a map editor with QR code sharing, two new character classes (an archer and… a wall-eyed knight on a fake horse join the previous game’s fighter, mage, amazon, and ninja-in-a-Borat-swimsuit). No idea if it’ll come out in the West, but the first one did, and Ancient hopes to release it.

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