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Excellent Doraemon 3DS, and okay One Piece 3DS XLs

Unfortunately, that fantastic Doraemon 3DS is a Taiwan exclusive, and a contest prize at that. Those two 3DS LLs will be sold normally in Japan. The “Chopper Pink” one is pretty cool.

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Gachapin X Mukku 3DS LL Semi-Hard Case and Protect Case by Cyber Gadget. I don’t know why I’ve spent the last four years documenting every DS/3DS accessory featuring this pair of Japanese children’s show characters, but no way I’m stopping now!

These aren’t yet available for import via Play-Asia, but it looks like two DS games from Hudson are.

BUY Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL consoles, upcoming releases

New and bigger Nintendo 3DS XL/LL revision revealed! There’s no second Circle Pad, surprisingly, but it’s got a much bigger 4.88” screen on the top (compared to 3.53”), and a 4.18-inch screen on the botom (up from 3.02”). It has a longer battery life of around 6-10 hours, and the pack-in memory card has been given a boost from 2GB to 4GB, too. And real Home/Start/Select buttons!

In the U.S., 3DS XL will hit on August 19 with a $199 price ($30 more than the standard system) with Red and Blue editions. Europe Red, Blue, and Silver — the systems ship on the same day as New Super Mario Bros. 2.

It will release with White, Red/Black, and Silver/Black editions in Japan on July 28 for ¥18,900, or around $235 with the yen as strong as it is right now. In Japan and Europe, at least, the charging dock will be sold separately, and the system will not include an AC adapter (it’s compatible with the old adapter, though).

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