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Fulhäst • Stuff?

I was really charmed by this track by Fulhäst. As many of you may already know, I have a weakness for bedroom recordings and chip pop-punk.

Making a telephone mic like the one Nik uses in these recording isn’t too difficult, if you’re an aspiring musician and want to add a simple but incredibly charming vocal effect to your music. I’ve actually been really grateful that 2013 seems to have taken off as a year that chipmusic and vocals finally meet in a widespread way.

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Invader Invader(Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) 8-bit EDIT

Here at Animal Crossing bl- I mean, Tiny Cartridge, we enjoy the sweet sound of many, many things. Most recently I have been jamming to the bizarre J-pop/dubstep mashup of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “Invader Invader” so I was pretty happy to discover this wonderful 8-bit edit of that track by KUNIO. It captures all the spirit of the track while avoiding the direct2midi sound of many “8-bit” covers you’ll find around the Internet. Check out his SoundCloud for more cool covers and tracks!

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  • Source SoundCloud / KUNIO (MASUO YAMAMOTO)

“Nicholas D. Wolfwood“ feat. The Glowing Stars by Awkward Terrible

SO GLAD to see Awkward Terrible’s very first music video. For the uninitiated, Awkward Terrible is a pretty loud band from Milwaukee, WI that uses an NES to add to their punk sound. This particular track is actually from a split EP they did with the now-defunct The Glowing Stars (who, for some reason, split up, but keep releasing music). Because Awkward Terrible doesn’t mess around, they also released a second music video today, I just happened to like this one more.

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Miii - Down


A glitch-hop LSDJ track from Miii in Tokyo. It’s interesting to me, as someone who organizes chipmusic shows in New York, to see musicians in the Japanese electronic music scene pick up a Game Boy and make a chipmusic track. 

There may not be a Blip Festival (RIP) anytime soon, but if you’re in Tokyo this autumn, you should check out Square Sounds Festival, guaranteed to be several days of chipmusic fun.

  • Source SoundCloud / miii
Bad Friends - Chip's Challenge

Bad Friends

Chip's Challenge • Chip's Challenge Live(s)!

This is from a live recording of Rochester Chip Fest this past December. I had heard of the RIT trio playing at 8static last May but I had never gotten around to listening to their stuff until I was at the festival.

They are another of the many “bands in chipmusic” (chipbands? guitartune? chip off the old rock?) that I am *really* excited about. They also claim that they could beat you in Super Smash Brothers, all of you.

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The Sheriff

Derris Kharlan • West

Disasterpeace and Derris Kharlan released a split single titled West, which contains two tracks that would be at home in the Spaghetti Western-themed retro shoot-out game I keep dreaming about. The other track on this split is by Disasterpeace, whose name you might know from the many, many game soundtracks he’s worked on, including Fez.

BUY Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar, my favorite Disasterpeace album; Derris Kharlan's Live, another personal favorite
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"Pizza Hut Taco Bell" by Bright Primate ft. Force of Will

Every Friday, for the rest of 2013, Andrew Kilpatrick and Alex Kelly (they both run the Pxl-Bot netlabel) will showcase a different chipmusic artist as part of their Weekly Treats series. This means that every Friday they’ll not only post a brand new, original, exclusive and unreleased track FOR FREE, but they’ll also have interviews with the musicians on their website.

The most recent track is a cover of a Das Racist’s “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” by Boston’s own Bright Primate.

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Gravity Falls chip cover - Crab

Gravity Falls chip cover


Here’s a fantastic LSDJ cover of the theme from one of my favorite animated shows, Gravity Falls. The liberties Crab/Nestor Ovilla takes with the details of the theme are perfect, they make it a party jam without losing the very unique Gravity Falls melody.

p.s. if you haven’t seen Gravity Falls, you really should, even if only for the AMAZING animations Paul Robertson made for one episode.

SEE ALSO Chido-Chip, a free compilation of Mexican chip musicians

Cool - Fuzzheads

“Cool” by Fuzzheads

Here’s sneak peek for one of the chiptune contributions from the Ultranimboy handheld/chiptune zine we linked yesterday, a track that also happens to come from one of my favorite chiptune bands, Fuzzheads.

It’s a nostalgia-filled collab with Meekstape (see Game Boy cart design), who has contributed to a bunch of zines AND ALSO has her art featured as a graffiti soul in Jet Set Radio: HD.

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SEE ALSO a pre-Fuzzheads track by the same band members, the Ultranimboy Soundcloud set
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Yakuza - Victim Cache


Victim Cache • Chipsurf Pipeline

2012 was the year that I’ve been the most excited about bands discovering, forming and using the various sounds and melodies that a vintage console can provide.

Victim Cache's “chipsurf” sound is pretty unique to chipmusic so far, combining the classic-but-often-forgotten surf guitar with SID and 2A03 chips. Their debut album Chipsurf Pipeline is the soundtrack for what I wish had been an SNES game about cowboys and surfers, think Ecco the Dolphin meets Sunset Riders. “Yakuza” is my favorite track from the album and would probably make an amazing ending credits theme for this game I now wish existed.

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Logic Gatekeeper - Danimal Cannon and Zef

Logic Gatekeeper

Danimal Cannon and Zef • Parallel Processing

This is the first track off of Danimal Cannon and Zef’s new collab album Parallel Processing and my personal favorite — “Logic Gatekeeper” starts an exceptional album by setting the bar really high for chiptune prog-metal. Some of you may recognize Danimal Cannon from his work with the tribute/covers bands Armcannon and Metroid Metal.

You can download the entire album on Danimal Cannon’s Bandcamp; it does NOT disappoint one bit (ok, that pun was on purpose). The folks over at Fangamer have teamed up with Danimal Cannon to provide a sweet merch bundle, including a cool Game Boy cartridge Circuit Bender pin!

SEE ALSO Zef's solo work, which should definitely get you dancing!

Dragon Quest x Google Maps: 8-bit Google Maps for NES! This has been posted everywhere already, but we can’t not put this April Fools gag on here. Besides, the Quest mode of Google Maps actually works, Street View and all.

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