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8static • POW!

I appreciate the times when we can hear some of the non-Nintendo consoles in chipmusic synthesize their unique flavor of sounds. theDutchess makes tunes with the Sega Genesis, a Casio CZ-1 and his bass guitar. Off of his debut EP POW!, theDutchess weaves some great tunes throughout the whole thing, including collaborations with Animal Style and Dino Lionetti of Cheap Dinosaurs, performers at the upcoming 8static Festival.

Speaking of which, 8static Festival has a Kickstarter currently in the works to fund their festival costs. I encourage everyone who can to donate and/or make it out to the festival itself, the rewards are pretty great and you can help out the Philly chip scene in a big way. The performer list is impressive to say the least, showcasing talent from Tokyo to Boston and pretty much everywhere in between, including blog favorite, chibi-tech. It is happening October 17th through 19th in Philadelphia, passes are available now!

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Do You Believe In Life After Love?

After a few fake-outs at the beginning, Ro-Bear delivers a rousing chiptune cover of Cher’s song “Believe” that has the crowd at Philly’s 8static singing along. Thanks for attending and capturing this moment, Albotas!

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