Tiny Cartridge 3DS

Three big games coming to Wii U, announced this morning!

Bayonetta 2:

  • Exclusive to Wii U
  • Will be published by Nintendo

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate:

  • Also coming to 3DS
  • Both versions releasing next March
  • Adds online multiplayer and local co-op

Call of Duty: Black Ops II:

  • Releases this November
  • Two people can play simultaneously on one system, with one using the GamePad, and the other using a separate controller and the TV
Between this November and next March, Nintendo and third-party publishers will release over 50 games.
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Not only did Activision localize the weird Famicom platformer (and early Game Center CX challenge) Atlantis no Nazo as Super Pitfall II, the company actually edited gameplay elements of the game before… failing to release it. 

In a wonderful Dream and Friends post, Danny Cowan examines some of the changes made to Super Pitfall II, from the necessary (changing a goroawase clue to just numbers) to the kind of random (removing secret items). In general, any time I read about Atlantis no Nazo, it’s fascinating, as it’s a game riddled with semi-nonsensical secrets.

[Via @retronauts]

Gold Edition SharpShot by DreamGear, obviously the light gun shell of choice for gamers anticipating Eurocom’s upcoming Wii remake of N64 classic GoldenEye 007. Unless you’d rather save $25 and play with the standard Remote/Nunchuk or Classic Controller setup instead.

Speaking of GoldenEye 007, I noticed something curious on the remake’s official site — logos for Nintendo DS and N-Space, the developer behind Geist and all those DS ports for Call of Duty. It’s likely N-Space is bringing GoldenEye 007 to DS, too! Man, how hilarious would it be if the DS version actually looked better than the Wii game.*

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[Via Kotaku, DreamGear]

*not that hilarious, really

Trailer for GoldenEye Wii, releasing exclusively for Nintendo’s home console this November! The game offers online multiplayer (as well as splitscreen multiplayer), eight “classic Bond characters”, 16 game modes, and (slightly) better graphics than the N64 version!

I’m pretty sure I saw a version of the Facility level or something that looks very much like Facility, so I’m down for this. Even if the game stars Daniel Craig for some reason.

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Creepy Science Papa loading screen.

What kind of deranged experiments is Science Papa conducting in his lab? In that mess of objects flying across the screen, I spot a triceratops, pink crystals, a green alien/lizard popping out of a shell (or is that a green diaper?), a clump of brown stuff, and a Habanero pepper.

Now I understand why Mama ditched the scientist and hooked up with her current beau instead.

You know, the game would be so much more interesting if it was about Science Papa trying to prove his genius to a skeptical science community, just so he could win back the attention and affection of Mama, stealing her away. More developers should hire me to write wacky game stories.

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Games from the entire family

While putting together my screenshot comparisons for Cooking Mama and Science Papa at GameSetWatch last week, JC and I had fun dreaming up new game ideas starring family members. Here are the titles we invented:

  • Neighborhood Watch Cousin
  • Stamp Collecting Family Friend
  • Dog Grooming Neighbor
  • Indie Game Designer Auntie
  • Family Wrecking Babysitter
  • Getting Up On the Damn Banister Cat
  • Looking For a Handout Estranged Brother
  • Practicing the Electric Guitar in His Bedroom with No Amp Connected Brother
  • Family Budgeting Husband
  • Disappointing Son
  • Tearing the Entire Family Apart Sister’s Fiance

Can you guess which one of these are inspired by actual relatives? Add some of your own family member-based games in the comments — it’s a fun exercise!

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Second thought: I’d kinda like to play that.
I didn’t really think it would be this blatant when Siliconera found the trademarks, but… there it is.
[Via GoNintendo]


Second thought: I’d kinda like to play that.

I didn’t really think it would be this blatant when Siliconera found the trademarks, but… there it is.

[Via GoNintendo]