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Covox performing this week at the Datapop 5.0 concert in beautiful Austin, TX. According to the artist himself commenting on YouTube, this is a “fairly new” track. 

In other awesome chiptune news with associated video, RockGamer Studios will bring Ananamanaguchi’s “Airbrushed” to Rock Band Network next week (which means it’ll be available on Xbox at first, then maybe on PS3 if Harmonix decides to move it over, and not on Wii). The track was first announced in October.

Here’s a clip of the track being played by some guys who seem suspiciously good at playing Ananamanaguchi songs:

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Airbrushed (RAC Remix) - Anamanaguchi

Airbrushed (RAC Remix)

Anamanaguchi • Airbrushed (Remix)

"Airbrushed" (RAC Remix) by Anamanaguchi. While away, the band posted this remix of its first biweekly free single. It’s pretty weird! Like, horns weird.

In other Anamaguchi news, my illustrious employer Aol is graciously streaming the full soundtrack to the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World game today. If you have yet to buy either the soundtrack or the game, this is a totally great opportunity to hear all the tracks.

Although, you know what would be even more convenient? Buying the game and/or the soundtrack. Then you could listen to it whenever you want, possibly while fighting hipsters.

Anamanaguchi puts on an acoustic performance of “Airbrushed” on the streets of Toronto, shot for the NxNE Blogotheque Series. You can download the single here — just hit the back arrow twice.

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Airbrushed - Anamanaguchi


Anamanaguchi • Airbrushed (Single)

"Airbrushed" by Anamanaguchi, one of two tracks from the chip-rock group’s latest single release. The band plans to put out a free release like this every two week! I guess Anamanaguchi has more time on its hands now that its completed the soundtrack to Ubisoft Montreal’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World game.

Check out the single’s wicked and NSFW cover art, designed by the talented Paul Robertson:

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