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Shinjuku Dungeon makes a train station into an RPG ⊟

Well this looks great. Shinjuku Dungeon by Daisuke Uehara builds a retro-style RPG from the real-life floor plan of Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station. What a clever idea! 

If I recall correctly, Shinjuku Station is pretty much a nightmare of identical-looking space, so it’s good for a tile-based RPG. I can’t vouch for the quality of this iOS/Android game, but luckily I don’t have to, because it’s free. Via @mulboyne.


River City Ransom is a tower defense game now ⊟

Million and Arithmetic (two companies who make sense working together!) are bringing Nekketsu Taisen Kunio-Kun TD to iPhone and Android. 

It is a tower defense game, in which you send gang members out to beat on approaching gang members. I do not know why this is happening to poor Kunio. What did he do to deserve a tower defense game!

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Dragon Quest: The Phone ⊟

Not only is Square Enix porting Dragon Quest I-VIII to smartphones, it is releasing a Dragon Quest smartphone. I don’t know the specs of the “Metal Slime” colored phone DoCoMo and Square Enix will release, but it doesn’t really matter because you shouldn’t buy a Dragon Quest phone. Like, that is a bad reason to buy a phone.

Looks super cool though. Unlike Dragon Quest VIII on mobile.

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Pokémon TV app for smartphones, tablets

Expanding its mobile presence, The Pokémon Company has put out a new iOS and Android app allowing fans to watch episodes of the Pokémon anime for free. The app rotates 50+ episodes each week from the series’ previous 15 seasons. It will also have movies, special features, animated shorts, and trailers.

It would be nice if there was an app as robust for 3DS owners, but since there’s not, we can at least enjoy the Valentine’s Day episode of Dinosaur Office that hit Nintendo Video yesterday.

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iPhone 4/Android/Game Boy hybrid by Goteking. The creator of the iPod nano VMU and the Famicom cartridge handheld is on some next-level craziness, combining stuff for no apparent reason with inexplicable, nonsensical results.

On one side, it’s an Android phone that looks like a Game Boy. On the other side, it’s a fake white iPhone 4 with an LED message display in it. I don’t know.

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Homebrew Shiren clone released on Android

You might remember Peculiar Voyage: Escape from Cute, that homebrew clone of Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer. Not everyone has a flashcart (and not everyone who has a flashcart bothers with homebrew), so it’s likely you never got around to playing it.

Developer Crow has ported the game from DS to Android phones, and there seem to be a ton of those, so maybe people will actually try it out now. It also has a more accessible title: Voyage to Farland. You have to admit, as a city/country/realm, Farland sounds so… exotic!

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