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Assault the Cheating Boyfriend: Notification of Christmas Cancellation

At least, I think that’s the title of this third(!) game in D3’s cheapo eShop adventure game series about finding evidence of philandering, and then confronting the jerk.

Once again: there are three of these. And this one is Christmas-themed. I kind of hope this series is someone’s longform revenge against a cheating boyfriend, and if you finish all of them you get his phone number so you can harass him personally.

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Assault the Cheating Boyfriend!

Coming to Japan’s eShop from D3Publisher, Assault the Cheating Boyfriend! Caught You Red-Handed has you playing the part of a suspicious girlfriend searching her man’s house for evidence that he’s gettin’ around.

The graphics are DSiWare quality, but it has one feature that takes advantage of the 3DS ‘capabilities — when you confront one of the four boyfriends available in this game, you can use the handheld’s motion controls to shake the system, which throws the evidence you’ve found at the scoundrel.

Assault the Cheating Boyfriend hits Japan next week or around $3. I’m crossing my fingers for a localized adaptation starring Joey Greco from Cheaters, storming in on adulterous couples and instigating fights.

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