Tiny Cartridge 3DS

"Your New Life Is Calling" by Bit Shifter, performed at Blip Festival 2012 (you can hear him singing the track during his Blip Festival Tokyo 2012 set, too).

God this song is so good — I wish Bit Shifter (and other chip artists, to be honest) did more vocals on his tunes, and put this out as a recorded track.

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Zen Albatross interviews Omodaka at Blip Festival about the origins and inspirations of his act. I’m just going to assume he wears that mask all the time. This video will be edited in the future to improve the sound, according to the uploader, but it’s worth listening to now anyway!

Also worth listening to: this live performance of “Hietsuki Bushi” from Saturday night, recorded by Kotaku. This is officially my favorite chip song ever.

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