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Toriena killin’ it and delivering an animated set at Blip Festival Tokyo 2012 — if you mised the stream, you can watch more performances from the show here!

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Listen to the incredible sounds coming out of Koenji High with the official live stream of Blip Festival 2012. If you’d prefer your chiptune stream in .pls format, you can do that here.

The event takes place today and tomorrow in Tokyo time. I’m not even going to try to figure out when that is in my time zone.

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Blip Festival Tokyo 2012 gets fancy with an SNES ROM demo and a great soundtrack. Try it on your own SNES emulator! This was designed by Batsly Adams, with graphics by KeFF and music by Zabutom. 

Blip Festival Tokyo 2012 — which will be the last Blip Festival for a while, as the show is going on hiatus — takes place October 20 and 21 at Koenji High in Tokyo, featuring tons and tons of artists. Just flipping through the lineup, I’m surprised to see composer Nobuyoshi Sano, who directed and produced the Korg DS-10 series. I guess it makes sense that he’d perform at a chiptune show!

If you’re going to the show, have fun, and try not to think too much about the sad, jealous losers you’ve left behind!

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I’m not in Tokyo for Blip Festival Tokyo this year — and you’re probably not either :( But! If you’re around the computer this weekend, you can totally listen to a livestream of the performances.

There are both high-quality audio streams (in dedicated regional links) and a video stream (above! or here). You can find a schedule here.

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K, Hip Tanaka EX, and Hally performing at Blip Festival Tokyo. My wife and I got into Tokyo just in time to see these last three acts of the festival’s second night, and they were pretty mindblowing. We came in just as K was performing some Castlevania remixes, leading into Hip Tanaka, who was far less “traditional” — ironic, sort of, since he actually made NES music.

Tanaka used NES music too, including noticeable elements from Duck Hunt, but built it into a DJ set that focused on super-loud beats and chip noise. I wish I could describe it better! It was really exciting, and Tanaka appeared to be having a rad time. At the end of his set, he came out for an encore and performed “Fever” from Dr. Mario, first accompanying the bass line with beats, then bringing in the melody … which everyone in the audience chanted along to.

Hally fought technical difficulties at first, something about his Famicom not working, but declared himself able to do the impossible and managed to play anyway. His performance was every bit as manic and memorable as that seen in Reformat the Planet! Dude’s a superstar, basically. He even sang heavily distorted vocals on a cover of “Blue Monday.” Toward the end of the show, Julie came out and the two performed the JulieHally material.

If, at any point, any of these performers schedule a show near you, I encourage you to go. Especially if Hip Tanaka manages to take more time away from his job as president of Creatures Inc. and play another show. Coolest person at Nintendo, confirmed.

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Blip Festival Tokyo video, featuring Hirokazu “Hip” “I Made the Balloon Fight Music” “Ice Cold 3000” Tanaka. With his participation in goofy King of Games photoshoots and his emergence as a chiptune performer, Tanaka might be the coolest person at Nintendo. I can’t see Shigeru Miyamoto popping in at an event like TIGJam to knock out a quick abstract racer.

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You will be able to listen to an audio livestream of Blip Festival Tokyo performances tonight at this link (starts around 12:00 AM PST).

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Blip Festival Tokyo flier by No Carrier and Batsly Adams, with art by Enso and music by chibi-tech. This is definitely the most enjoyable way to look at the lineup for the two-day concert.

Well, actually, loading up the ROM on an NES flashcart and playing it on a real system probably trumps this embedded video, but this is still pretty great. Of course, it goes without saying that if you happen to be in Tokyo on September 4 or 5, you should prooooooobably check this out.

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Blip Festival organizers have just announced an additional venue for the annual chiptune festival: TOKYO. On September 4, and 5, Koenji High will host the inaugural Blip Festival Tokyo show, featuring awesome Blip Fest stalwarts like Bit Shifter, Hally, and Nullsleep, as well as Nintendo legend Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka (here’s the Balloon Fight music to let you know why that’s so exciting — and here’s his song about people with the name Hirokazu Tanaka) and YMCK. You can see the full list so far at the site.

I can’t find a good clip from YMCK’s performance at Blip Festival 2006, so here’s a video for YMCK’s cover of Yosui Inoue’s “Yume no Naka E:”

Any Tokyo-based readers willing to share some apartment space for… most of September?

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