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Monsters - The J. Arthur Keenes Band


The J. Arthur Keenes Band • The World's Smallest Violin

While I was giving the Rochester Chip comps a listen today, I asked myself, “Why havent I heard a new J. Arthur Keenes Band song in a minute? Dude was mad nice.” A quick Google search revealed, holy crap, Daniel McLay (the fellow behind the non-eponymous band) dropped an EP last August called The World’s Smallest Violin.

I was already of the opinion that this cat has been operating at another level from most chiptune acts — at least when it comes to my tastes — but he’s clearly now in some special stage, collecting bonus gems and swaggin’ out with a Bossa Nova soundtrack, while the rest of the group is fucking around with some miniboss in Area 1 or something. 

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  • Source thejarthurkeenesband.bandcamp.com