Tiny Cartridge 3DS

The 8Bit Harmonica ⊟

It’s a harmonica inside a Famicom cartridge! That plays chip sounds when you blow into it! It’s like a multilayered joke that also sounds amazing. Good work, ugoita! I want one for musical cassette fufu. Via miki800!

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  • Source ugoita.com

"Hooo" shirt by Polygraph. This is the only shirt about blowing into Nintendo cartridges that I’ve ever liked!

"Effects occur despite the absence of scientific evidence," says the Google translation of the item description. "Yes, ‘hooo’ must be a magic spell."

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So, you know that great Mario 25th anniversary ad, with the guy blowing on a Super Mario Bros. cartridge and then dropping it into his Famicom? Nintendo realized that commercial was too much fun, and set to work flattening it out with a second video on the 25th Anniversary website, which is nothing but a bunch of text about how you shouldn’t actually engage in “cassette fufu” (as Famicom no Neta calls it, and as I’ll call it forever and ever).

Did Nintendo realize that people were suddenly going to damage their old-ass Famicoms because the commercial showed an image of something everyone does anyway? On one hand, it kind of makes the commercial seem lamer — but on the other hand, Nintendo cares about our Famicoms! That’s neat.

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