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Logic Gatekeeper - Danimal Cannon and Zef

Logic Gatekeeper

Danimal Cannon and Zef • Parallel Processing

This is the first track off of Danimal Cannon and Zef’s new collab album Parallel Processing and my personal favorite — “Logic Gatekeeper” starts an exceptional album by setting the bar really high for chiptune prog-metal. Some of you may recognize Danimal Cannon from his work with the tribute/covers bands Armcannon and Metroid Metal.

You can download the entire album on Danimal Cannon’s Bandcamp; it does NOT disappoint one bit (ok, that pun was on purpose). The folks over at Fangamer have teamed up with Danimal Cannon to provide a sweet merch bundle, including a cool Game Boy cartridge Circuit Bender pin!

SEE ALSO Zef's solo work, which should definitely get you dancing!