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Can we talk about Bowser and his dad glasses for a minute ⊟

Because this Kyary Pamyu Pamyu commercial for the New 3DS, and that shot in which all the Nintendo characters transform into the most fabulous versions of themselves, is the best. And there’s also Samus looking around like, “What is this. Why is this happening to me.” I tried to make a million GIFs of this Japanese commercial and publish those instead, but Tumblr refused to upload them. I hit Post, and the site said, “I can’t.”


Do the Yokai Watch dance ⊟

This commercial for the 3DS sequel is more amusing if you follow Yokai Watch of have seen this popular video. If you prefer to see gameplay, here’s the Nintendo Direct that aired yesterday for Yokai Watch 2 (releases in Japan next week). And if that doesn’t interest you either, you can instead spend your time staring at this Yokai Watch bath ball dissolve to reveal a mystery toy.

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3DS and 2DS are made for play ⊟

Without mentioning tablets or smartphones, this new UK commercial subtly pitches the 2DS and 3DS to kids as the dedicated gaming handhelds they want to have. The ad comes just days after Futuresource posted results from a research study finding that children aged 3-12 years old in the UK are now more likely to own a tablet than a 3DS.

Pulling kids away from Minecraft and Gun Bros 2 (how is Minecraft still not on a Nintendo platform?) on their tablets will be tough, but if Mario Kart 7 and Pokemon XY can’t do it, I’m not sure what will.

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Only the Yoshi ⊟

Yup, that’s a Yoshi’s New Island commercial. Singing “Only the Yoshi” to the tune of Roy Orbison’s song in my head.

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Three Little Monster Hunters ⊟

I love that this is how Capcom is advertising Monster Hunter 4. Just put some animal masks on, whatever! It’s a really funny ad despite, or maybe because of, its low-budgetness.

Why is Capcom even doing commercials for this game anyway? Is there someone in Japan who doesn’t know about Monster Hunter?

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Pretend animals are talking while you play Harvest Moon ⊟

That’s the messaging behind these Japanese ads for the new 3DS game, Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land, and I couldn’t approve more. I want to play a game that lets me go hang out on a farm and stare at angora rabbits! I just want to stare at angora rabbits I guess.

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Bravely Default commercial for North America ⊟

Somehow, we’ve reached a point where saying or hearing someone say Bravely Default out loud doesn’t make us cringe anymore. You can say it in commercials now, and people won’t throw tomatoes or remotes or couch pillows at their TVs. Go ahead, serious voice actor guy, blab some nonsense phrases like “Shield yourself with Default, then use Brave to strike multiple times in a single turn.” The game is so good, no one will object anymore.

Meanwhile, in a dark, smoky room on the top floor of Square Enix’s sinister tower overlooking Shinjuku, the company’s Blood Lord steeples his fingers as everything falls into place. All of the forbidden names now sung, the countless belts fastened taut, and the light of Dragon Quest's games extinguished from the lands of those in the West who would oppose. It's only a matter of time..

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Love this holiday 3DS ad except for one thing ⊟

I’m a sucker for handheld ads in the winter — something weird to be a sucker for, I know. Remember this DSi commercial? Or the adorable spots for Ni no Kuni DS in Japan? That’s my holiday jam right there. The slogan at the end of this one is perfect, too: “Why do we play 3DS? Because it’s Nintendo.” It’s an effective message that plays up the company’s household-name properties.

So here’s what’s annoying me. I’m not bothered by the lack of older folks playing games, people like us, as this is a commercial targeting kids or adults with kids. But after watching it, I’m left wondering, “Where are all the non-white children?” Out of more than a dozen kids, we see maybe one minority, and he doesn’t even get a line? Most of the children I know who play 3DS don’t look like these kids at all..

If this post makes you angry at us for social justice blogging reasons, just imagine that I asked “Where’s the new Zelda?” instead.

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Zelda: ALBW's Indiana Jones-y commercial ⊟

No big surprises here — it’s mostly live action stuff accompanied by a demonstration of the painting/wall-walking feature, along with brief gameplay clips. It’s nowhere near as wonderful as the rap commercial for Link’s Awakening, but we’re not allowed to have fun things like that anymore. We should all just be grateful that it’s an ad without Jedward. Props to Zelda Informer for ripping and posting the video.

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Live-action Pokémon XY launch trailer ⊟

Ahhhhhhhh!!! In the space of a week, I’ve gone from sorta interested in this game to dear-god-why-isn’t-this-in-my-3DS-yet.

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Sooooo here’s how the Wii U Yakuza collection is being advertised

It’s for people who want to creep on virtual hostesses, but like more privately. Cool.

I still totally want this collection! Now I just feel kind of ashamed for feeling that way.

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First Animal Crossing: New Leaf U.S. commercial

Just 17 more days, guys. I’m hoping I’ll have my town in order for you to visit by then.

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