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Love this new Smash Bros. 3DS ad ⊟

Just a bunch of bros getting smashed. This releases next week in Japan, which explains why the country is already rolling out commercials. The rest us won’t be able to buy it for another month…

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Found this image on a 16-year-old Geocities site ⊟
Still relevant. After the break, we’ve got three new videos for Dragon Quest X 3DS, including a five-minute trailer and two Japanese commercials for the handheld MMORPG. 

Videos are via Gematsu.
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Found this image on a 16-year-old Geocities site

Still relevant. After the break, we’ve got three new videos for Dragon Quest X 3DS, including a five-minute trailer and two Japanese commercials for the handheld MMORPG. 

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Okay, these Senran Kagura Burst commercials are amusing ⊟

I had been SMH-ing all week over the other Senran Kagura Burst videos PQube has put out, but I like that the co-publisher is embracing the embarrassment some will have to face when buying the game or just having it around the house. Here’s the other commercial PQube uploaded.

I found myself asking the same question Hatsuu (from the game’s North American publisher Xseed) posed on Twitter after seeing these, though, which was “WHAT KIND OF BUDGET DID THE EU PUBLISHER FOR SKB HAVE THAT THEY COULD DO AN LE AND COMMERCIALS ON TOP OF THAT”?

There’s also a new video for the series’ spinoff cooking game for PS Vita, Dekamori Senran Kagura, along with news that you can destroy characters’ clothing by rubbing the screen. Oh, and producer Kenichiro Takaki has made sure you can play the game with one hand… 

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Hero Bank commercial features dramatic leek fight ⊟

Watch a kid beat up some randos on the street in this commercial for Sega’s 3DS game Hero Bank.

He’s using special attacks from the game, all of which come with a financial penalty, to win his fights, but I kinda think it’s better without the context. “Strangers attack a little kid! Then he punches them out. Anyway buy our game!”


Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon ad is Ghostbusters

So this kid’s pretending to be asleep, but is instead playing Luigi’s Mansion in bed… in his very own creepy, ghost-filled mansion. And then he turns into Luigi.


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"After One More Puzzle"

Professor Layton and Legacy of Super Civilization A, the last entry from Level-5’s series to star the titular professor, is out in Japan next week. I expect we’ll get it some time in 2014, maybe after the Western release of Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney (if Level-5 or Capcom ever get around to formally announcing it).

You can watch another short commercial for the 3DS game here.

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Dragon Quest VII's live action commercials are… in Spanish?

Yeah, I don’t understand why either, but I love that Square Enix continues to make these live action spots for the series. In Japan at least. Other territories get Seth Green and Jedward. Oh man, remember how hard I burned Jedward that one time?

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Sparkle Snapshots 3D, highlighted in a new Nintendo commercial. Between this and the repeat of last year’s model as the holiday bundle, I’m… curious about Nintendo’s holiday strategy for the handheld. How cool that an eShop game gets highlighted in a commercial, though!

Speaking of interesting advertising strategies, here’s a kid being a jerk:

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Paper Mario: Sticker Star's U.S. commercial — not a terribly amazing spot, but it leads us into mentioning Nintendo new contest for the game in which you can win one of five prize packs. Each prize set includes a 3DS XL, a copy of Paper Mario: Sticker Star, an eShop gift card, and a handmade papercraft trophy.

To enter, you’ll need to create a Paper Mario diorama, which sounds like a fun project. Nintendo has posted a video with some instructions on how to make one, as well as more details on how to enter on this Facebook page. Oh, and it’s only open to U.S./Canada peeps aged 13 and up.

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Dianna Agron returns for another 3DS commercial to hawk Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, and to remind us she’s not a gamer — she just crush a lot. Once again, Tumblr is ablaze with GIFs of Ms. Quinn Fabray’s latest work.

I know plenty of dudes are salty over this "not a gamer" campaign Nintendo’s running, but I ain’t even mad about it. It reminds me too much of this freestyle battle.

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Kirby’s Dream Collection commercials. I didn’t realize Kirby was supposed to be so enormous! Seeing him in real life makes the games terrifying in retrospect. Dedede must be like 20 feet tall. Each Waddle Dee is the size of a hippo.

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Olympic gymnast Gabrielle Douglas talks about filming a commercial for New Super Mario Bros. 2, in a video that is itself kind of a commercial for New Super Mario Bros. 2. Or was the commercial I just watched the commercial she was talking about filming, in the commercial?

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