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The J. Arthur Keenes Band • Congratulations/I Love You More

From the single off of The J. Arthur Keenes Band’s new album Mighty Social Lion, we’d be horribly remiss in not posting this (even if it’s not too chippy). If you haven’t noticed before, we’re big fans of The J. Arthur Keenes Band.

You can listen to (and buy!) the rest of the single on Bandcamp, as well as his other releases. Mighty Social Lion comes out on August 10th!

Congratulations! …it’s Friday!

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Monsters - The J. Arthur Keenes Band


The J. Arthur Keenes Band • The World's Smallest Violin

While I was giving the Rochester Chip comps a listen today, I asked myself, “Why havent I heard a new J. Arthur Keenes Band song in a minute? Dude was mad nice.” A quick Google search revealed, holy crap, Daniel McLay (the fellow behind the non-eponymous band) dropped an EP last August called The World’s Smallest Violin.

I was already of the opinion that this cat has been operating at another level from most chiptune acts — at least when it comes to my tastes — but he’s clearly now in some special stage, collecting bonus gems and swaggin’ out with a Bossa Nova soundtrack, while the rest of the group is fucking around with some miniboss in Area 1 or something. 

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