Tiny Cartridge 3DS

"UNME" by Anamanaguchi, one of four tracks recorded at the band’s Daytrotter session. This is the first time I’ve heard a studio version of this song, and it is that refreshing breeze this sweltering summer week has needed.

I often imagine peculiar scenes to go with songs that I like and have no words. With “UNME”, I see a young man looking up at the evening sky and accidentally meeting eyes with a far-off being on a foreign world.

In that moment before his head turns and ends their connection, he lives through every experience, every dream, and every heartbreak of that psychic entity’s lifetime up to that point.

And as their gaze breaks, he feels his consciousness disentangling from his temporary twin’s, pulled out of the being’s body and from the alien planet, traversing backwards through solar systems at a quadzillion light years per minute until it bursts through Earth’s atmosphere and crashes back into him.

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