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How to make your own Non-Specific Action Figure

Gametista’s Andrea Campton figured out the source figures used to make the character, seemingly the first in a line of weird Nintendo Direct memes that didn’t really go anywhere. And now you can make your own, using a wrestler action figure, some wings from a random bootleg toy, a sculpting compound, and paint!

If anyone involved in the creation of the original happens to be reading, I’d love to hear about how close her process was to the prototype.

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Cheap Ass Gamer forum member controlcommerce wrote up an excellent guide to building your own arcade stick (for PS3/PC USB) without any knowledge of woodworking or soldering. The guide includes links to sites that sell the requisite Sanwa and Seimitsu sticks and buttons, as well as premade kit boxes and even custom circuit boards.

The project isn’t cheap, coming in at $150 or so, and something like the (shit hot) Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition stick is an easier option at the same price, but there is an undeniable appeal to assembling your own stick, even from mostly-finished parts. Building a stick also enables customization in body/stick/button color and artwork.

Sigh. For as terrible as I am at fighting games (like, “fail at single-player on normal difficulty” terrible), I am all about arcade stick fetishism. I’ve longed to build something like this for years.

Side note: does anyone else accidentally type “joystiq” every time you try to type “joystick?” Lousy internet.

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I’ve already spent much too much money on video game hardware that I don’t need recently, but the fantasy of creating my own Game Boy Micro faceplates makes me want to spend even more. I probably would have bought a GBM sooner if it weren’t for the fact that there are so few worthwhile faceplates out there.

I’m not sure which image I’d put on my GBM faceplate — a group shot of the Wonder Pets or a photo of Bill and Sookie from True Blood.

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