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If you wish upon yourself (and all other 3DS gamers) a market flooded with uninspired licensed/sequel/sports games over original ideas and mechanics, then by all means there’s nothing to worry about.

DreamRift’s Peter Ong (Epic Mickey 3DS) explains why gamers should be worried about 3DS hacking and piracy on the system, arguing that publishers are hesitant to try anything new when funding projects for platforms plagued by piracy.

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Watch Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion for 3DS in action for the first time. I wish that there was a bit more footage, that the demonstrations showed more action, and that the video zoomed into the top screen, but wishes are only granted in fairy tales. We have a lot of time still for Dreamrift and Disney to show us that the game is more exciting than what this first look shows us.

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Dreamrift’s Epic Mickey 3DS isn’t a trick; it’s a (Castle of) Illusion follow-up!

There was enough reason for excitement when we learned that Dreamrift, makers of 2D gems like Monster Tale and Henry Hatsworth, is working on the 3DS version of Disney’s upcoming Epic Mickey games.

Hype levels are now pushing up even further after Nintendo Power revealed that Epic Mickey 2: Power of Illusion is a follow-up of Sega’s Illusion series on the Genesis, with hand-drawn sprites, scrolling parallax backgrounds, and other throwback elements.

The game will feature stages based on Disney properties, such as Sleeping Beaty, Peter Pan, and Tangled. Expect cameos from characters like Scrooge McDuck, too.

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The online preview for the April issue of Nintendo Power reveals a new 3DS game coming alongside Epic Mickey 2 for consoles. It’s called Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, a title that seems designed to be reminiscent of classic Mickey side-scrollers. 

The most interesting part is that the developer is Dreamrift Games, the studio founded by the Henry Hatsworth team, who went on to make Monster Tale. I don’t know any specifics about the game, having not read the actual magazine, but I already know it’s going to have cool art and some unusual gameplay elements, just based on the team. And that I’m going to imitate Gob Bluth every single time I say the title.

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So, here’s the bad news. If you preorder DreamRift/Majesco’s Monster Tale at GameStop, you get an exclusive … code for a new color scheme for Ellie and 5% off at in-game shops. Five whole percent! The good news is that such a code exists, and will be available to all five minutes after the game is released.

In case you’ve missed this game, it’s a new DS platformer from part of the Henry Hatsworth team, in which the top screen is a platformer about a little girl saving a world of monsters from evil kids, and the bottom screen is home to her pet monster, Chomp, who you can feed and grow into several different forms. I played it at E3 and found it more interesting than the “virtual pet” bit may make it sound.

And here’s the recent trailer: