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Didn’t know Rune Factory 4 did this! ⊟

Not many 3DS games release in North America with inside cover art that takes advantage of these eco-friendly boxes! There’s Kid Icarus: Uprising and… Maybe something else I’m missing?

[Update: Commenters and peeps on Twitter have pointed out that Theatrhythm, Kingdom Hearts 3D, and Nintendogs have had this inside cover art too]

Thanks for going the extra mile for people who bought physical editions, Xseed! And thanks to Graceadee and Starryglass for the photos. Oh, and here’s a Rune Factory 4 launch trailer.

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Why you should buy a Fire Emblem: Awakening cart

Having a digital version of Fire Emblem: Awakening that you can always have and load on your 3DS is super convenient, but here are two reasons why you might want to get a physical copy:

  1. It has the same cute cartridge pixelart as the Japanese edition, as shown in the top photos taken by fatboymuzik and patrickthehedgehog
  2. You can get inside cover art of the game’s characters thanks to the eco-friendly boxes

On that second point, like the Japanese release, Fire Emblem: Awakening doesn’t actually come with inside cover art in the U.S. — but you can download and print the sheet that Mitsukootsuki made for her copy, and slip it into your box.

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