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Voxel engine for NES games ⊟

Check out this dope situation. Procyon has added voxel support to the NES emulator FCEUX, instantly turning NES ROMs (which you’ve legally acquired, etc.) into 3D games. This looks amazing!

Official emulation (Virtual Console and the like) have a lot of catching up to do – catching up that will never, ever occur. But whatever, let’s stare at some cool graphics!

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Hope for running homebrew 3DS games/apps

While we’ve no news about efforts to hack the 3DS and bring unauthorized homebrew development to the system, we understand work is continuing on that front. Meanwhile Goodbye Galaxy Games’ Hugo Smits, maker of DSiWare titles like the Flipper series and Color Commando (watch latest trailer here), has an alternative solution that likely wouldn’t lock you out of the eShop and future firmware updates.

Hugo has built a framework, tools, and an emulator for creating/prototyping commercial 3DS titles, and he’s now proposing the idea of releasing free software that enables others to make games. Now what’s really interesting is he’d put out a cheap (around $2), complementary eShop app/emulator that allows people to run those games on their 3DSes, similar to Petit Computer for DSiWare:

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Homebrew Genesis emulator running on a PlayStation Vita, done by Wololo using the Half Byte Loader and some secret techniques. 

Don’t get too excited.

First, you’ll notice that the emulation is not super great. Second, this is actually using the Vita’s PSP emulation, so even at best it would only be possible to make code that would be easier to run, and operate just as well, on the PSP.

Third, Wololo points out (in a somewhat dramatic fashion) that the Content Manager Assistant used to transfer stuff from the PC to Vita can require firmware updates, and (I’m not so sure about this bit) possibly monitor transfers.

So, this may not represent a homebrew-friendly or piracy-laden future for the Vita. Just a neat trick that’s possible on the launch hardware.

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French coder Alekmaul has released v1.0 of MAME4ALL, an arcade emulator ported from the Dingoo platform to Nintendo DS. As covered earlier (with plenty of videos), this requires a Supercard DSTwo device, as that particular flashcart features an onboard CPU designed to handle more complex applications like this.

Even with that extra horsepower, though, you’ll notice that the emulator has a long way to go, as it isn’t yet running at full speed and has limited game support. If we’re lucky, continued development will make short work of those issues. But you know how homebrew projects go…

Still, arcade games on your Nintendo DS!

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MAME4ALL arcade emulator for DS

French coder Alekmaul, who’s released a ton of emulators for various handheld platforms, is bringing his Dingoo MAME4ALL arcade emulator to the Nintendo DS — you can see the port in action above with the arcade version of Bubble Bobble playing on a fine dual screen system.

Obviously, the game and music aren’t playing at full speed yet, but I believe the project is still very early in development. Alekmaul managed to get this running on a Supercard DSTwo flashcart, which features a special on-board CPU — other devices without this feature would presumably have have trouble matching the DSTwo’s performance when running MAME4ALL.

The arcade emulator isn’t publicly available to download yet, but you can watch a bunch of videos of the application playing Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Street Fighter II, Mega Man: The Power Battle, Pole Position, Pac-Man, Black Tiger, Commando, and more after the break.

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Tiny Labyrinth: Fake Chinese 3DS game

I’m unsure where he found it, but reader Offal stumbled upon what appears to be a Chinese bootleg of a Nintendo 3DS emulator. Either that, or it’s a virtual 3DS sent back in time by SkyNet Nintendo to assassinate the PSP2.

Offal points out it’s a poor facsimile of the advanced device: the top screen displays only six colors in 2D (the bottom shows four shades of gray), and the analog pad, touch screen, cameras, and microphone are inoperable.

It does play a single game, but it’s nothing we’ve heard announced from either Japanese or Western developers. The emulator’s existence was strange enough, but what we found really unsettling is that the (possibly haunted) game features our own Tiny! More info/download link below!:

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Upset that your DSi can’t play imported DSi-enhanced games like The Idolm@ster Dearly Stars (even though DS Lites run them just fine)? Perhaps this news that you can play GBA games with your system will soothe that sting.

Coder Darkchen has released what many consider to be the “holy grail” of emulation on the DS, a homebrew GBA emulator that makes up for the DSi’s loss of a GBA slot — the program works on older DS models, too.

You’ll need an iPlayer to use the application, though, as it requires the flashcart’s unique chip (originally intended for onboard video decoding) to compensate for the DS CPU’s limitations. Ironically, before this development, the iPlayer went ignored by most pirates, as the cart is designed specifically for playing media and running homebrew, and will not load commercial DS ROMs.

The iPlayer is really becoming a nice complement to the DSi (again, it’s compatible with older DS models, too), first by bringing a hassle-free video-playing solution that outclasses Nintendo’s official and Japan-only DSvision, and now by enabling DSi owners to play (preferably legal, archived) GBA games. It’s an expensive investment just for the ability to play Mother 3 and Ninja 5-O on your DSi, though, running for around $42-44.

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