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Fire Emblem: Awakening has fun with a disturbing marriage option

[Warning: Some spoilers in this post! I waded through so many huge spoilers for the game while researching this; I fear all the game’s twists are ruined for me.]

When Intelligent Systems revealed that Fire Emblem: Awakening features a marriage system that allows you to pair two characters in matrimony, a few people wondered how the game would handle its loli/underage-looking character Nono (pictured above).

It turns out that the game doesn’t care if she barely looks like a teen, as you can not only get her hitched, but that marriage is eventually consummated and she has a kid. Meanwhile, Awakening doesn’t allow you to have non-heterosexual marriages, as far as I can tell…

Technically, Nono isn’t a child, or a human at all — she’s a Manakete, a race of dragons that can take on human form, and tend to age very slowly in their appearance. I’d prefer not to have any of this moe nonsense in Fire Emblem, but Intelligent Systems kind of makes up for it with this jab at people who would seek such a pairing.

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