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Fluidity: Spin Cycle trailer, featuring wizaaaaaard raaaaainbooooooow maaaaaagiiiiiic. This sequel to Curve Studios’ WiiWare game launched on 3DS eShop yesterday, in case this week’s holidays have thrown you off your normal eShop update-checking schedule (like they have for me).

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Surinuke Anatoosu, a wicked WiiWare game in which you twist and rotate Tetromino shapes through holes in fast approaching walls — it’s like that Brain Wall/Hole In The Wall/”Human Tetris” game show, minus the people!

Apparently, this was developed by Nintendo and Keys Factory. You might recognize the latter name as that Japanese company behind many of the DS, Wii, and PSP accessories we’ve featured here. I wonder how they became involved? It was really odd to see their name attached to a project as a developer!

This releases on Japan’s WiiWare service next Tuesday, but I haven’t heard news of it coming to the West yet. I know Nintendo is debuting a mystery WiiWare game called Fluidity at PAX this weekend, and though the title doesn’t really seem to match this Surinuke Anatoosu's concept, it's possible they're the same thing.

[Update: Fluidity is something completely different! But it still looks neat. Though Nintendo’s publishing it, I wonder who developed it? It seems very Q-Games-ish.]

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[Via Surinuke Anatoosu]