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Exstetra for 3DS and PS Vita

Hey, it’s a new JRPG from FuRyu, the team that brought us Unchained Blades! This Tales-esque game is apparently meant to be a new “ultra rule of right classical fantasy RPG,” or whatever that means, according to Gematsu’s interpretation of Famitsu’s article on Exstetra. This is only announced or Japan so far, with no word on whether Xseed (or anyone else) will pick this up like it did with¬†Unchained Blades.

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Fang is kind of a jerk

Did anyone shell out the $30 to cop Unchained Blades on eShop a few weeks ago? I hope this digital-only experiment (for what was a retail game in Japan) worked out for Xseed.

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NSFW: Unintentionally raunchy Last Bullet mission.

I believe this is the last mission from FuRyu’s sniper game released last April. Basically, you watch what looks like some dude bobbing his head on another guy’s lap for 30 seconds before you spot that the, um, receiver has a gun in his hand — your cue to interrupt their session.

It’s like Data East’s Ring King for NES all over again:

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[Image via The Accidental Video Game Porn Archive, video via NicoVideo]

Really not sure how I feel about this one: an adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s Farewell, My Lovely is set for release as a DS game in Japan. It’s reportedly largely faithful to the source material, but makes some concessions in that it allows the player to make choices at plot junctures.

On the one hand, I like anything that promotes reading in any way, and I have a not-so-secret love for these old hardboiled detectives. On the other hand, I was none too pleased with the DS’s last stab at hardnosed detecting. And on another hand (uh, I guess someone else’s), I can’t help but think… why not just read the damned book? But, back to the first feeling (oh god this is circular save me), maybe such a game will encourage that very thing. All I can do is throw up my hands and maybe cross some fingers.

Though I will come out and say that a game based on the work of Raymond Carver would be hilarious (not really, no) and amazing (probably only to me).