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Namco items in Super Smash Bros. ⊟

It makes sense that some Namco representation would show up in the new Smash Bros. game, which Bandai Namco is co-developing (even though Game Arts didn’t get any nods in Brawl…)

Some previously unseen items have shown up in a giant set of screenshots Nintendo quietly released yesterday, including Galaga enemies that capture fighters, and… the “Special” flag from Rally-X?

Wait, does somebody like Rally-X? That much?

I’ve also included a couple screens of the Animal Crossing-based beehive item, because hahahahaha that’s awesome.

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Tiny Galaga cabinet made from a DS ⊟

One DS Lite, one copy of Namco Museum DS, and … a ton of work later, redditor button-masher created a miniature arcade cabinet. I’d like to direct your attention to the tiny coin door, with its tiny lights, and the exquisitely miniature little joystick. Amazing. (Via @Greenspeak)

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Galaga Fighter GFX-D002b model, due in March from Wave, and in my house immediately after. The model (which comes unpainted) is available for preorder at importers including Amiami and HLJ for ¥2,800ish ($35).

This isn’t exactly how I imagined the Galaga ship would look in detailed 3D, but it will be! Unfortunately, this cool model reminds me that I never picked up the Kotobukiya Ikaruga kit (sigh).

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[Via Venus Patrol]
"Bacon Bits," today’s Woot Shirt. As with all Woot Shirts, it’s just $10 shipped, until it sells out, which is probably soon.

"Bacon Bits," today’s Woot Shirt. As with all Woot Shirts, it’s just $10 shipped, until it sells out, which is probably soon.

Ooh, Galaga ‘88 is being added to Japan’s Virtual Console Arcade lineup next week. Who knows when it’ll show up here, given NOA’s glacial Virtual Console schedule, but I will totally type my credit card number into the Wii for that particular game.

We’ve seen some badass gear on Etsy, but punzie’s Pixelated quilts and pillows are pretty awesome, if only for the sheer amount of work that goes into them. I really admire anyone who can make things that are useful, yet cool. The closest I ever get to doing anything like that is adding some parsley to dinner to make it all prettified.

Spotted the already-sold Metroid quilt first at Sprite Stitch and was inspired to check out the whole store. Punzie’s got some really nice stuff—but you’re gonna pay for the effort.