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Wii U GamePad Famicom skin

Because in this day and age, everything must have a skin that looks like an old video game system. Consoles, controllers, clothes, iPhone cases — everything. Eventually we will see a Game Boy decorated with a Game Boy decal, and modded with a tiny PC to play Game Boy games.

Datel Japan will begin selling this Famicom decal at the end of July for ¥1,980, or around $20.

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More Wii U GamePad experiments and prototypes — the Zapper one on the left actually led to Nintendo adding a gyro sensor to the 3DS.

These shots came from the Iwata Asks developer interview for Nintendo Land, which has this odd revelation: Nintendo Land actually has an ending! When you acquire all the stars in each game, you’re treated to this end credits sequence (watch until the end).

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A Wii U GamePad made out of cardboard! Nintendo and Hatena made this cute mock-up, which even features grips in the back and a slot to insert different “screens,” just to get an early idea of how the tablet would feel and look as they designed different services for the Wii U.

It’s a lot like that cute cardboard 3DS someone made while waiting for Nintendo to debut the real thing!

Pass the break, two videos of the GamePad showing off how you can move some Wii U games from your TV to the tablet, and also how you can take a break from playing to post messages/screenshots onto Miiverse, browse the internet, find stuff to watch on your TV, etc.

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Wii U’s GamePad is taking a beating

Wii U’s controller is already under much criticism today few games showed any innovative uses for its extra screen at today’s E3 show. — mostly we saw it used as a scanner, inventory manager, or map display. But now two other annoying details about the Wii U GamePad are bringing more grief to the big tablet.

First there’s the news that its battery lasts only 3-5 hours depending on brightness, and takes 2.5 hours to recharge. Someone get Nyko on the phone for an upgrade please.

And we’re also hearing that when you use two GamePads, the framerate for the two tablet screens drops from 60FPS to 30FPS, which isn’t surprising but still unfortunate.

Some other random info out there regarding the Wii U GamePad: it has a geomagnetic sensor (no idea what this is), it weighs 1.1 lbs (.34 lbs lighter than a new iPad), and it charges with a cradle (which might be this?).

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