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Tappingo’s happy pixel Game Boy and more ⊟

Goodbye Galaxy Games (Flipper, Ace Mathician, so much more)’s next game is Tappingo for 3DS eShop, a sorta Picross/Minesweeper situation. Here’s the explanation of the rules, from GGG:

  • Numbered blocks need to be extended into lines.
  • The number on the block hints to the correct line length.
  • Lines will not stop extending until they hit another block, line or edge of the screen.
  • When all numbered blocks show the ‘OK’ sign the puzzle is solved.

Like Picross, the puzzles make pictures, in these examples old Nintendo hardware. Neat! It’s coming out at the end of February for $2.99/2.99 euro.

Goodbye Galaxy is a very cool, very tiny organization that has been keeping it real with downloadable Nintendo games from, like, as soon as it was possible. And this game looks super challenging and fun.

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Hope for running homebrew 3DS games/apps

While we’ve no news about efforts to hack the 3DS and bring unauthorized homebrew development to the system, we understand work is continuing on that front. Meanwhile Goodbye Galaxy Games’ Hugo Smits, maker of DSiWare titles like the Flipper series and Color Commando (watch latest trailer here), has an alternative solution that likely wouldn’t lock you out of the eShop and future firmware updates.

Hugo has built a framework, tools, and an emulator for creating/prototyping commercial 3DS titles, and he’s now proposing the idea of releasing free software that enables others to make games. Now what’s really interesting is he’d put out a cheap (around $2), complementary eShop app/emulator that allows people to run those games on their 3DSes, similar to Petit Computer for DSiWare:

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  • Source goodbyegalaxygames.blogspot.com

My chance to understand how Goodbye Galaxy Games’ Ace Mathician works is almost here, to be followed immediately by my frustration at having to do middle school-level math to succeed. It’ll be published on DSiWare in North America July 12, under the umbrella of prolific DSiWare publisher Circle Entertainment.

July is looking great for the eShop!

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Ace Mathician trailer. I failed to post this in a timely manner, but here it is now anyway! And in the intervening time… I still haven’t figured out how this game works. Something about turning graphs of equations into platforms?

Even without knowing what the hell’s happening, this game by Goodbye Galaxy Games (Flipper) still looks more interesting than most other upcoming DSiWare. 

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Hugo Smits, the fellow behind the Flipper games on DSiWare, has another strange title on the way for the platform: Ace Mathician, a math-based platformer puzzler thing. It reminds me of Scribblenauts but with equations.

If you’re terrible at math, don’t let the concept scare you off, as there aren’t any actual right or wrong answers in Ace Mathician. As Smits puts it, the formulas and puzzles here “[help] the player visualize the math, which works much better as a learning tool.”

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Trailer for Flipper 2: Flush The Goldfish, the 2D DSiWare title following up Goodbye Galaxy Games’ 3D, voxel-based puzzle platformer Flipper from last year.

Check out the built-in level editor! And the Ghosts’n Goblins-esque intro! Details on the gameplay variety:

"Flush starts at the left side of the room and moves automatically. You have one button that can be pressed to perform a action. The action differs from room to room

So it’s up to you to figure out what the action is, and how to use it to avoid the traps and enemies! There are over 300 rooms for you to complete!

In random castle mode, you can select your difficulty and theme and the game will generate a random castle! This is perfect for quick burst of handheld gaming!”

You can find out more about the game here.

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Development is totally done, the game is at Nintendo and hopefully they will give me some good news really soon. The game is packed with a lot of content, and a second trailer is coming very soon to show all this off.

Goodbye Galaxy Games’ Hugo Smits delivers an update about the status of Flipper 2, the DSiWare sequel that has now apparently been renamed Flush the Goldfish.

While the first Flipper was an isometric, touch-controlled game about manipulating the environment, this is a one-button platform action game in which each screen maps a different action to the single button.

Good luck, Hugo! Hope you survive Nintendo lot check! Those who haven’t given up on DSiWare would certainly like a new game for it.

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[Via NintendoLife]

First screenshots from Flipper 2, the sequel to Goodbye Galaxy Games’ DSiWare gem Flipper — if you open that link, you’ll notice that the two games look nothing alike.

GGG previously described Flipper 2 as a one-button 2D platformer with “explosions and score-points flying everywhere”. Controlling everything that’s going on in these screens with a single button looks like a challenge, but I’m eager to see how the studio pulls it off.

The developer explains:

"These screens reveal a few of Flipper’s unique actions, but I can assure you there are many more.. some of which I will show in the coming weeks!

Please note the banana gun; I promise you, nothing is more rewarding then seeing your enemies go down with a splashed banana in their face!”

While there’s no information yet on when this will release, you can pass the time until that announcement by buying the original Flipper for your Nintendo DSi.

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All-new, all-different Flipper coming to DSiWare (indie game, not the dolphin)

I’m always worried that the indie developers (and even bigger studios) releasing games on DSiWare aren’t making back even half their money on sales, considering the lack of attention the digital download platform receives from both gamers and the lamestream media.

Goodbye Galaxy Games’ charming puzzle-action title Flipper must have sold a deecnt number of copies, though, as it wasn’t discouraged enough to dismiss the idea of releasing a sequel on DSiWare. Flipper 2 looks completely different from the original release, too!

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Two DSiWare indies to support

An indie DS developer recently thanked us for our regular coverage of DSiWare games from small studios, and though it was difficult to accept the praise because I feel we don’t devote enough coverage to these releases, I admit we spend more time talking about them than most other outlets.

Anyway, here are two more recent stories about indie DSiWare games that aren’t receiving enough attention:

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Flipper, an original DSiWare title from one-man studio Goodbye Galaxy Games. I keep meaning to talk about this unique project from Hugo Smits, and with the game now submitted to Nintendo for testing and hopefully a speedy release, now seems like a good time to bring it up.

The puzzle action game has you using your touchscreen to manipulate the landscape, blowing up and building portions, while trying to retrieve your pet goldfish. Flipper features four different worlds, each containing five stages and mixing colorful sprites with its voxel graphics.

Smits maintains a blog in which he talks about his thoughts and progress with Flipper — it’s rare to see someone actually share this much information on a DS game’s development (e.g. design decision, debates on pricing, engine details) before it’s released!

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