Tiny Cartridge 3DS

Kirby’s Dream Land, DSi update released

As predicted, today’s portable Virtual Console release is Kirby’s Dream Land, the debut of the pink character (or white, if you go by the Game Boy box). It’s not Gargoyle’s Quest, but Tinkle Popo is well loved here, too.

Other eShop/DSiWare releases today: Chillingo’s Trials HD knock-off Moto eXtreme, Skyworks’ Boardwalk Ball Toss (really?), Circle’s curious action RPG The Lost Town: The Dust, and Cosmigo’s Hearts Spades Euchre.

Nintendo put out something else last night: a new DSi V.1.4.3 update promising the predictably vague “behind-the-scenes improvements to system performance”. Those behind-the-scene changes include new measures to block a selection of popular flashcarts, including the SuperCard DSTwo, Acekard 2i, and iPlayer.

It’s interesting that even with the 3DS out, Nintendo hasn’t scaled back its efforts to fight piracy on the DSi models, slowly hacking away at known exploits. Now if only the company would include substantial improvements to the DSi experience with these firmware releases.

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