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Handsome, bratty, and maybe a bit vulgar: Apollo Justice

Since scans showing Apollo Justice’s return in Ace Attorney 5 hit last night, artists have churned out an impressive amount of tributes to the character’s new look. The artists behind these pieces:

I’m amazed at their ability to create such quality and clean-looking work despite simultaneously crying and shrieking while drawing these. 

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Fennekins Forever

Has the Pokemon series found its new Pikachu? Let’s wait until we see if it’s a fire/fighting-type Pokemon — and if people decide to continue supporting the X/Y starter if that’s the case — before making any declarations.

The artists behind these pieces, in order of appearance

We have already posted like a million Fennekin pics, and it’s only been a week since we were introduced to the starter. Maybe it’s time to cut back on these…

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