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Hope for running homebrew 3DS games/apps

While we’ve no news about efforts to hack the 3DS and bring unauthorized homebrew development to the system, we understand work is continuing on that front. Meanwhile Goodbye Galaxy Games’ Hugo Smits, maker of DSiWare titles like the Flipper series and Color Commando (watch latest trailer here), has an alternative solution that likely wouldn’t lock you out of the eShop and future firmware updates.

Hugo has built a framework, tools, and an emulator for creating/prototyping commercial 3DS titles, and he’s now proposing the idea of releasing free software that enables others to make games. Now what’s really interesting is he’d put out a cheap (around $2), complementary eShop app/emulator that allows people to run those games on their 3DSes, similar to Petit Computer for DSiWare:

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  • Source goodbyegalaxygames.blogspot.com