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Kero Blaster out May 11 ⊟

Drop what you’re doing and watch this. It’s the first trailer in a year for Kero Blaster, the new game from one-man Cave Story studio Pixel, and it’s looking hot.

There’s so much going on! It seems so much denser than Cave Story, but the music, graphics, and character movement all seem reminiscent. And, of course, the weapons.

This is being published in North America by Playism, on PC and iOS. It’ll be out May 11! So soon! Last year, Nicalis was teasing a 3DS version as well, but there’s no announcement of that today. Via Siliconera.

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Here’s Million Onion Hotel, hum hum ⊟

It’s a sort of whack-a-mole game about hitting onions, asparagus men, and other creatures, while also lining them up to make bingos… all to save the occupants of a hotel who were zapped to another dimension in a soup incident.

A long, long time ago, there was a tiny country between that country over there and this country over here.
In this country was a strange hotel. This hotel’s specialty was “magical onion soup”.
They say many famous and great people came to taste this soup, though apparently not one of them thought to describe the flavor to anyone else. Maybe it’s because the soup had a hidden power. Yes … a secret power.
One night, some esteemed guests find themselves suddenly sucked into a far-off galaxy! 
Maybe this is because they … drank too much of the magical onion soup?

Million Onion Hotel is the first iOS game by Onion Games, featuring Little King’s Story director Yoshiro Kimura and monster designer Kazuyuki Kurashima (both former Love-de-Lic founders!)

I’ve been waiting to see this game that Kimura calls his “poem,” and the animation and music here makes me so, so happy. I’m so glad that indie gaming is taking off in Japan, anchored by things like Kickstarter and the BitSummit event. I’m so glad Kimura gets to make tiny games – this one is much smaller than the last game he worked on with a character called “Dr. Peace” in it. Via Indiegames.com.

  • Source oniongames.jp

Shinjuku Dungeon makes a train station into an RPG ⊟

Well this looks great. Shinjuku Dungeon by Daisuke Uehara builds a retro-style RPG from the real-life floor plan of Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station. What a clever idea! 

If I recall correctly, Shinjuku Station is pretty much a nightmare of identical-looking space, so it’s good for a tile-based RPG. I can’t vouch for the quality of this iOS/Android game, but luckily I don’t have to, because it’s free. Via @mulboyne.


999: The Novel on iOS March 17 ⊟

Proving conclusively that we are powerful wizards who alter the course of events with our very words, Aksys Games announced a localization of the iOS version of 999 right after we talked about it on the podcast.

The $4.99 app adds the flowchart feature from Virtue’s Last Reward, allowing you to track progress through the game’s multiple paths, and go back to previous branches. And it removes… puzzles.

So maybe if, hypothetically, you aren’t real good at math stuff, this could be a way for you to experience the deadly Nonary Game for yourself. Or, wait, that sounds terrible. It’s a way for you to read about other people experiencing the deadly Nonary Game.

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Shin Megami Tensei coming to iOS in English ⊟

Whoa, finally, a chance to play the first Shin Megami Tensei game in English! And with virtual buttons all over the screen, but oh well. Atlus plans to release Shin Megami Tensei on the App Store March 18, for 8 bucks.

Who else is out there saying “You know that super old RPG we made back in the day? You know, the one with all the text? Let’s translate that and release it. Eight bucks sounds about right.” Nobody. Nobody else is saying that. Atlus is showing everybody how it’s done.

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Threes is your new iOS jam ⊟

We don’t talk about iPhone games too much on TC, but sometimes I’m driven to because they’re so dang fucking good, like Threes is. It’s definitely a tiny game on a tiny device (or an iPad WHATEVER) so I don’t think it strays too far from our mission! And you should totally get it if you can!

Threes is the work of Puzzlejuice designer Asher Vollmer and Puzzlejuice/Ridiculous Fishing/Solipskier artist Greg Wohlwend, which tells you right away it’s a) going to have a clean, colorful look, and b) it’s an intuitive-as-hell puzzle game.

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Aksys puts Banshee’s Last Cry on iOS ⊟

Don’t take my slowness in posting this as a lack of enthusiasm! I’m super impressed that Aksys has translated the iOS version of Kamaitachi no Yoru, a Sound Novel by Chunsoft first released to the Super Famicom in 1994.

"While staying at a hotel around a ski resort, vacationers find themselves caught up in a murderous “whodunit” game when a guest winds up dead. With the lodge completely snowed in and no escape, they will have to use all their cunning to solve this mystery and protect themselves from being the next victim! Local legend tells of a banshee whose screams can rip through flesh, but, is the killer really a deadly monster or the work of a madman?”

It’s worth noting that the game was written by Takemaru Abiko and directed by Kazuya Asano, both of whom recently worked on Guild01's The Starship Damrey — you can grab that on the 3DS eShop.

Multiple endings are available, choose your own adventure style, and as the “sound novel” genre suggests, the reading is accompanied by spooky audio.

I think iOS is the perfect format for this. I’m reading junk on my phone all the time anyway – I’m way into the idea of reading a scary interactive story on here. It’s $3.99 on the App Store.

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There is a Bluetooth taiko drum for iPhone and iPad ⊟

Really. There is a little drum you can connect to your iPad to play Taiko Drum Master with. It comes with a little Don-chan cover, to the delight of that lady.

The visual of a family happily gathered around an iPad is hilarious, but real talk, I would absolutely be playing this on my phone, complete with comically large drum accessory, if it were available.

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Bit.Trip Run comes to iOS ⊟

Still haven’t played the delectable Runner 2, or want a different take on it? The iOS release, Bit.Trip Run, is available on iTunes today for 4 bucks. It’s essentially Runner 2, but with the controls tweaked for touchscreen play.

Now, here’s the big surprise: the controls actually work. I would not have expected something as timing-heavy and difficult as Runner 2 to happen on an iPhone, but it’s totally playable! And swiping is way different from pushing a bunch of buttons.

Man, seems like forever since I was way into an iPhone game.

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Lilt Line Too coming to iOS and maybe Vita ⊟

Developer Different Cloth is returning to its rhythm game roots with a sequel to Lilt Line, the game about tilting to thread a line through bumpy, brightly colored tunnels to the beat of original music.

While the original was released on WiiWare (by Gaijin Games!) and iOS, Lilt Line Too is intended for handhelds from the beginning, with an iOS release planned and Android and PlayStation Vita versions a possibility. The Kickstarter seeks  £15,000 to make the iOS version a reality; I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing it on that Vita screen. The new game features original music by ill.gates, and, judging by the screens, some crazy perspective shifts.

I was a huge Lilt Line fan, so I couldn’t resist asking creator Gordon Midwood a few questions about this sequel.

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Gabrielle’s Zombie Attack and Gabrielle’s Sweet Defense

Natsume’s adorable Wii/3DS series moves to iOS, and moves into different genres, with these two games, shown at E3 last week.

Zombie Attack is a puzzle game about matching thrown vegetables to zombies in either color or number to defeat them. And Sweet Defense is a tower defense game, but looks cute anyway.

I have a soft spot for the cutesy goth look of these games, so I look forward to checking them out within the next few months. They’re both F2P, so no risk.

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Studio Pixel’s Gero Blaster

Cave Story creator Daisuke Amaya’s new game is super cute! It’s coming out on iOS in the spring, and then probably on 3DS later?

This was revealed at BitSummit, a new indie developer convention in Kyoto that sounds like it would have been pretty great to attend…

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