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Classy Famicom-style iPhone cover ⊟

The iRetro-FC iPhone 5/5s cover is based on an April Fool’s Day joke from this year, which purported to be a kit for playing Famicom carts on your phone.

But despite the reduced functionality, the actual item looks really nice! It’s a tempered glass phone cover with a pixelated Apple logo, Famicom red and gold color scheme and some authentic-looking extras.

Not sure how to get one of these outside of Japan, but SpecDirect is taking pre-orders for 4,000 yen ($40). Via Miki800.

  • Source spec-direct.jp

Huh, Drawn to Life is on iOS now ⊟

505 Games got the secret steal of the year when it quietly grabbed the Drawn to Life IP from the auction of THQ’s properties. I had no idea what they were going to do with it, but I have to admit what they’ve done is a pretty solid moneymaking move: hired WayForward to port the first DS game to iOS (via MacLife).

I’m not saying it’s good – I have no idea, but all those virtual buttons are frightening. I just think it’s a smart move financially. And for $5, it’s probably a good way to try out a really cute platformer.

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Persona Q iPhone cases ⊟

Nice work by Dezaegg (via L~A)! Each one has a coordinating skin for the front of an iPhone 5 or 5s, and a matching wallpaper for the screen. They’re so colorful!

And so psychedelic… and so faux-spooky… with cool dynamic group shots of teen detectives OH MY GOD Persona Q is Scooby-Doo.

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999: The Novel on iOS March 17 ⊟

Proving conclusively that we are powerful wizards who alter the course of events with our very words, Aksys Games announced a localization of the iOS version of 999 right after we talked about it on the podcast.

The $4.99 app adds the flowchart feature from Virtue’s Last Reward, allowing you to track progress through the game’s multiple paths, and go back to previous branches. And it removes… puzzles.

So maybe if, hypothetically, you aren’t real good at math stuff, this could be a way for you to experience the deadly Nonary Game for yourself. Or, wait, that sounds terrible. It’s a way for you to read about other people experiencing the deadly Nonary Game.

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Shin Megami Tensei coming to iOS in English ⊟

Whoa, finally, a chance to play the first Shin Megami Tensei game in English! And with virtual buttons all over the screen, but oh well. Atlus plans to release Shin Megami Tensei on the App Store March 18, for 8 bucks.

Who else is out there saying “You know that super old RPG we made back in the day? You know, the one with all the text? Let’s translate that and release it. Eight bucks sounds about right.” Nobody. Nobody else is saying that. Atlus is showing everybody how it’s done.

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Den’s slick Game Boy shirt, iPhone skin ⊟

Hey, I would wear this, even if that Game Boy looks huge. Japanese online shop [den] is selling these in Black and Blue variations for ¥2,100 each, or around $20. It has a few other dope tees in its catalog, like one that’s just the error screen when you boot up a Game Boy without a cartridge.

[den] also sells these cute stickers that make the back of your iPhone look like the back of a Game Boy — it’s a neat alternative to those Game Boy iPhone cases I see everywhere on Tumblr and Instagram nowadays. I wonder if you can draw on the sticker to put your tiny cartridge of choice in there.

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River City Ransom is a tower defense game now ⊟

Million and Arithmetic (two companies who make sense working together!) are bringing Nekketsu Taisen Kunio-Kun TD to iPhone and Android. 

It is a tower defense game, in which you send gang members out to beat on approaching gang members. I do not know why this is happening to poor Kunio. What did he do to deserve a tower defense game!

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There is a Bluetooth taiko drum for iPhone and iPad ⊟

Really. There is a little drum you can connect to your iPad to play Taiko Drum Master with. It comes with a little Don-chan cover, to the delight of that lady.

The visual of a family happily gathered around an iPad is hilarious, but real talk, I would absolutely be playing this on my phone, complete with comically large drum accessory, if it were available.

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Amazing Sega phone accessories ⊟

Tommo has an impressively diverse lineup of iPhone accessories based on Sega consoles – everything from Master System cases to US/Japanese versions of the Genesis console, to Saturn-logo USB chargers, to the giant Genesis Bluetooth speaker above.

Check out the full lineup here. They’ll be available on sites like Amazon starting this month; my phone currently does not resemble a Sega Dreamcast in any way, and this is a crime. 

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Bit.Trip Run comes to iOS ⊟

Still haven’t played the delectable Runner 2, or want a different take on it? The iOS release, Bit.Trip Run, is available on iTunes today for 4 bucks. It’s essentially Runner 2, but with the controls tweaked for touchscreen play.

Now, here’s the big surprise: the controls actually work. I would not have expected something as timing-heavy and difficult as Runner 2 to happen on an iPhone, but it’s totally playable! And swiping is way different from pushing a bunch of buttons.

Man, seems like forever since I was way into an iPhone game.

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Gabrielle’s Zombie Attack and Gabrielle’s Sweet Defense

Natsume’s adorable Wii/3DS series moves to iOS, and moves into different genres, with these two games, shown at E3 last week.

Zombie Attack is a puzzle game about matching thrown vegetables to zombies in either color or number to defeat them. And Sweet Defense is a tower defense game, but looks cute anyway.

I have a soft spot for the cutesy goth look of these games, so I look forward to checking them out within the next few months. They’re both F2P, so no risk.

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy hits iPhone, iPad today

No big surprise here, the beloved 3DS rhythm game is out for iOS devices today (New Zealand shop, U.S. link incoming). Also unsurprising: in-app purchases are insane in the membrane, crazy insane, got no brain.

The app is free to download with two songs (“One Winged Angel” and “Zanarkand”), but then you’ll spend $0.99 on each song, $2.99 on each song bundle for the numbered Final Fantasy games, and $1.99 on each character. Buying all of the content will set you back around $90. Oh, and this mobile edition lacks the EMS feature that lets you play extended versions for a number of songs.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for 3DS is currently $30 at Amazon (includes around 80 songs, more available as DLC).

  • Source neogaf.com