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Final Fantasy Explorers' Japanese special edition ⊟

As if the Crystal Chronicles-esque 3DS game didn’t look tempting enough, here’s an unusually classy special edition for Japan, featuring a 3DS case, artbook, soundtrack, and 3DS cover. 

Early purchasers of any edition (the game comes out December 18) get some Onion Knight gear in-game too! Meanwhile, in America, we get… jealous that this game hasn’t been announced yet.

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Oh yeah, 3D Thunder Blade is out in Japan too ⊟

Gunvolt is definitely the marquee release on the 3DS eShop in Japan, but Sega and M2 have a nice release too: the 3D Classics version of Thunder Blade, the top-down/third-person helicopter shooter.

Of course, it’s got all the usual screen options and different cabinet emulations, because M2 is the damn best. There’s also a “special” mode with different enemy and obstacle placements and other changes.

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Lenticular Street Fighter II cases, etc. ⊟

I love these Street Fighter II accessories – card cases, iPad covers, wallets, etc. with tiled lenticular patterns on them. One pattern has tiled Guile flash kicks, and the other has Blanka surrounded by electrocuted fighters.

All are available on Amazon Japan, via Miki800.


Dark Witch’s Story - Chronicle 2D ACT on 3DS in Japan ⊟

Yep, that’s the title. This is a doujin/indie game by circle INSIDE SYSTEM, featuring a composer from the new fighter Under Night In-Birth, and an artist involved with Gaist Crusher. Kinda neat to see doujin-type stuff making it onto 3DS eShop!

I’m also into the look of this game in general. Cute sprites, and kind of a Mega Man-but-also-Kid-Dracula gameplay vibe. It’s out August 6 in Japan.

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Uh oh, you can buy those Sega shirts from Japan ⊟

@zerochan spotted the Geek Life Sega shirts I posted before – the amazing silhouette and all-over designs – as well as these new ones, for sale on Amiami. A bit of a problem for someone who might feel compelled to spend $50+ on some Opa-Opa or Altered Beast stuff.

Problem or opportunity, I guess, depending on your finances/impulse control.


Gunvolt out August 20 in Japan ⊟

Woo! Azure Striker Gunvolt, the 3DS action game by Inti Creates, will release to Japan’s eShop on August 20 for ¥1960 yen (about $20) — no release date for the West yet other than “Summer”. I did not realize it was that close to being finished. I guess I imagined an extended Mighty No. 9 type situation.

More cool boss images on Inside-Games!

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So much Monster Hunter 4G crap ⊟

With Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate announced for Japan, here comes an overwhelming monster-sized assortment of tie-in items. Literally tied in (as in attached to the game) is the limited edition, which comes with four figurines and a random plush when purchased from e-Capcom.

There are also way too many accessories, like screen cleaners, SD cards?, stickers, cases, earphones, this treasure chest looking thing… Anyway, go ahead and throw all of your Monster Hunter 4 accessories in the trash, because there are 4G items now. Via Ruliweb.

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3DS Nintendo Direct for Japan tomorrow ⊟
Focused on games by 3rd party publishers. It’ll be streamed on YouTube and NicoNico tomorrow at 8pm Japan time/7am EST.
I wonder what will be shown! More importantly, I wonder if Satoru Iwata will be on screen…
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3DS Nintendo Direct for Japan tomorrow ⊟

Focused on games by 3rd party publishers. It’ll be streamed on YouTube and NicoNico tomorrow at 8pm Japan time/7am EST.

I wonder what will be shown! More importantly, I wonder if Satoru Iwata will be on screen…

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Kirby Fighters Z, Dedede Drum Dash Z escape from Triple Deluxe

Nintendo and HAL are expanding Kirby Triple Deluxe’s minigames into standalone 3DS eShop releases in Japan. Copy ability fighting game Kirby Fighters Z has all the powerups from the main game (Beetle and Bell only available if you have Triple Deluxe save data), along with new stages and boss fights.

Rhythm game Drum Dash Z has 7 new stages, more hazards in stages, and unlockable masks. Maybe it’s better than the original… 

Both will be out in Japan July 23, for 750 yen each. Via 4Gamer.

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Dragon Quest X coming to 3DS ⊟

The Wii/Wii U/PC MMO will be released on 3DS in Japan September 4. Players of the handheld version will be able to share the same game world with the other versions. The control scheme looks really, really awkward and shoehorned, with basically pictures of Wii U buttons on the touchscreen.

It’s apparently built on streaming tech, like the mobile version, which means it isn’t so much a 3DS game as a 3DS client running an OnLive-style stream of the game running on a computer somewhere… else… Despite the actual game not really being on 3DS, it’ll still cost ¥3800 and come in a box (packaging shot above via Famitsu). As a result of the streaming, it’ll look better than most 3DS games but won’t be in 3D.

An in-game code will be available to get exclusive “Lemon Slime” items. I do want Lemon Slime items…

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Nintendo Game Seminar games on Wii U eShop in Japan ⊟

Takashi Tezuka, General Manager of EAD Software Development Department, announced on Miiverse the release of four games from the 2013 edition of the Nintendo Game Seminar, all on the Wii U eShop (in Japan).

Nintendaan broke down the four games in translation. Poppo Hunter is a “hunting game” in which you help a pigeon find a wife, using the Wii Remote? Hissatsu! Center Heroes is a game about sentai-style heroes battling to get into the center of a photo. Shima Nagami lets you guide Cloud-kun around a beautiful island, picking up items along the way. And Sento Danchi is a tower defense thing about protecting a spaceship.

They’re all available through a single download of a Game Seminar app (again, only in Japan). I really wish I could play these, if for no other reason than to see how “Nintendo” these student projects feel.

Is anyone else as fascinated by the Game Seminar as I am?


Hyrule Warriors' Japanese “Treasure Box” is just that ⊟

In fact, not only is it a box of treasure, it includes one, that makes little Zelda sound effects. It also comes with a Triforce clock and a scarf. It’s 14,904 yen ($146) at Amazon.

Really, the part of this package that would give me pause is the, uh, Musou game included. Even that’s looking pretty good, though!

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