Tiny Cartridge 3DS

Oh, and you knew this comes out today too, right? The impressions I’ve read so far have been positive. Joystiq:

"If you look at it purely from a gameplay perspective, Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?! is an adequate, albeit cookie-cutter Zelda 2 clone. It’d still be worth playing through even without the Adventure Time motif, but the game’s tight controls and fantastic boss fights would be forgettable in any other setting.

But, to look at it that way would be to ignore what makes it truly special: This game is as heartwarming and gut-busting as the show, which is to say that it’s a magical journey of friendship and punching jerks for fun. Hey Ice King is a potent distillation of everything that makes the cartoon such an uncommon, endearing powerhouse, and out of all the things I assumed this game would be, that was never, ever one of them.”

Very happy to hear the writing is on point.

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