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slam dunk lifestyle - knife city

slam dunk lifestyle

knife city • knife city

"Slam Dunk Lifestyle," some rad chiptune dubstep from Knife City, or Luke Silas of Anamanaguchi fame. It’s one of five tracks from his newly released self-titled EP.

It’s been difficult for me to discover notable chiptunes lately, what with 8bitcollective being out of commission — ChipMusic.org just never seemed as approachable, IMO. Thankfully, you can always rely on 8bitpeoples to put out banging releases like this for free.

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Knife City (Anamanaguchi’s Luke Silas) killing it at a rooftop barbeque in Brooklyn earlier this week.

He lays down some crispy tracks with his Game Boys throughout the entire vid, no doubt, but then his swag goes over 9000 at around 4:30, when he breaks into a chiptune rendition of Alice Deejay’s “Better Off Alone”.

New headline for game blogs: Luke Silas’ Winning Smile Is The Chiptunes Band That Just Might Break Through.

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"Party In The USK", a Miley Cyrus cover by Luke Silas (Anamanaguchi) at the pre-Blip Festival 2009 open mic.

If you missed Blip Fest 2009 (or even if you managed to attend), check out Matthew “fort90” Hawkins’s extremely thorough report on the chip music concert, sharing summaries for different acts, photos of performances, and a lot of background on the three-day event.

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