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Mega Man 3 Remade by RushJet1

This remix album takes the music of Mega Man 3 and reimagines it as it would sound on an NES cart equipped with the VRC6 chip – the extra chip in Castlevania 3.

It sounds noticeably different! And awesome! I am now dreaming of a trend of just-barely-more-advanced remakes of all my favorite games.

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Video Power clip, featuring Mega Man 3. I used to watch this show every morning with my mom while we ate breakfast.

I used to fantasize about that final segment, just running through a store grabbing all the games I can and Velcro-ing them to my chest, and then possibly getting a free Neo Geo on top of that.

Now the nostalgia element — seeing what the show’s gauntlet is stocked with — adds even more to the show! As does that zooming shot into a completely disinterested kid’s half-hearted countdown.

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In the year 19XX, a hybrid Glo-Worm/Mega Man will stand too close to Johnny Arcade. This clip from Video Power shows Arcade getting an early look at Mega Man 3 (not Game Boy Mega Man) at the Consumer Electronics Show. While Capcom can safely keep their costume shelved, I’d love to see their CES booth used again at trade shows.

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American Mega Man 3 commercial. The video also features several more vintage commercials, as well as the last bit of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ending credits and the Tiny Toon Adventures opening sequence.

I don’t remember ever seeing this Mega Man 3 ad, whose deep, involved storyline I won’t spoil in this text. Compare that ad to this Japanese commercial for the same game, featuring original animation and an arranged version of the Snake Man music!

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How long before a retail game’s soundtrack is composed using Hatsune Miku?

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