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Still sewius about voting today

Four years ago, we ran a series of posts that reminded people to vote, allowing them to elect a duck named Ming-Ming from Nick Jr.’s Wonder Pets cartoon as president (and Denver the Last Dinosaur as VP).

Looking back at those posts now, it doesn’t really make sense to me why we did that. We do a lot of odd things on this site. Maybe in 2016, we’ll be scratching our heads wondering why we used to write so much about butts.

Anyway, if you’re in the U.S. and eligible to vote today, you should. Here is a vulgar link for finding your local place, and here are a couple of amazing screenshots from the Wonder Pets DS game:

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This is sewius: Don’t forget to vote!

Veteran readers will remember that we came together two years ago to elect our country’s current leader, President Ming-Ming Duckling — a historic vote placing an Anatidae-American as the U.S. head of state for the first time.

Well, Election Day has returned, and we wanted to remind all of you eligible voters to head out to your polling stations and support whichever cartoon character you feel is best equipped to represent your interests.

If you need help finding out where you’re registered to vote, you can refer to Google Election Center. Facebook’s politics page also has some resources you might find valuable.

Voting is like leaving your Mii Stamp on our government!

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Unkindly words about the Presiduck Elect

Maybe we haven’t come so far after all …

JC: Did you see Yaanu call Ming Ming a DILF?

Eric: Yeah.

JC: I’m going to assume that the F is for “fluff.”

Eric: That probably would be for the best.

JC: I’d love to fluff Ming Ming’s puffy feathers.

Eric: She’s totally fluff-able.

JC: I’d fluff it.

We did it, America

As you’ve probably already heard, Americans made history last night by electing Ming-Ming Duckling, Wonder Pets’ web-footed star, as its first Anatidae-American president in what many news outlets are calling a “landslide victory.”

Along with her running mate, Denver the Last Dinosaur, Ming Ming ran on a platform that emphasized taking care of the middle class, providing accessible and affordable health care, and eating bits of bread by the lake.

With cartoon animals also in control of the Senate and House, even more so than before, I am anxious to see whether they will be able to deliver on their campaign promises and bring us out of this economic mess.