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I happened to be reminded of Konami’s "Morning Music" arcade warmup tune yesterday, and went looking around on YouTube. And here’s a version performed by a string quartet!

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Some more Morning Music for you. As a bonus, it’s actually morning this time. For a while. The above video is the Keyboardmania remix of the song (thanks, Scott!)

And here’s the intro from the Japanese version of the Konami Arcade Classics collection on DS. I don’t know if it’s also on the US release.

Here’s Morning Music on a Yamaha MU2000, with the countdown included!

Because this is what happens when you search for game music on YouTube, I found a pretty good Hatsune Miku version, as well.

Gradius arcade game bootup sequence, featuring “Morning Music.” The Konami "Bubble System" hardware on which some versions of Gradius ran used a type of magnetic “bubble memory” that required a warmup period (literally — it needed to warm up to around 40-50°C, according to Wikipedia) before becoming operational.

Because Konami is (was?) wonderful, the machine used this time to play a little tune while a countdown elapsed. I think it’s lovely, but how much do you think Japanese arcade operators hate “Morning Music?” I bet it’s a lot. I know how I feel about the DDR 3rd Mix intro music after working in an arcade for just a couple of months.