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TVii, Netflix will miss Wii U’s launch

If you were champing at the bit to mess around with Wii U’s new TVii and Video on Demand services (Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video) as soon as the system launched, slow your roll, kid. And stop champing at that bit. It’s kind of a weird thing for a human to be doing.

It turns out that the Nintendo TVii app that’s meant to revolutionize how people watch TV with their consoles won’t be activated until December! This was previously announced as a day-one feature. :o/

And Video on Demand services are due “in the coming weeks.” I’m unsure if this includes the YouTube app.

Unless other plans have changed, Miiverse, eShop, Wii U Chat, and the built-in browser will be available at launch, as will the ability to use the GamePad as a TV remote.

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Netflix for Wii U demonstrated. Works exactly like how you’d want it to, and, in this early version at least, the app doesn’t appear to have the lag I’ve experienced on the Wii version since its “Just for Kids” firmware update.

I’m pretty excited that Netflix will (hopefully) be available at Wii U’s launch or close to it, as it seems like you’ll be able to immediately load the app from the tablet controller, which you can use as a TV remote.

It sounds lazy, but there are times I’ve decided not to use Netflix because I didn’t want to bother with finding a Wii Remote to power on the system, getting up to turn on my wireless sensor bar, then waiting for the app to load.

I’m also happy that Wii U will support Amazon Instant Video (and Youtube and Hulu Plus) since I use that all the time on my Kindle Fire, and want to get more use out of my $79 Amazon Prime subscription. Next up, HBO Go — which might be in the works, according to this report!

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Netflix on 3DS: Impressions

The free Netflix app is now out on the 3DS’s eShop, so if you have a subscription to the service, download it to start streaming movies and TV shows today (in 2D).

For some reason, many people thought the app would allow you to watch movies in stereoscopic 3D, but I don’t believe that was ever announced — really, it wasn’t something I was clamoring for anyway, as just streaming 2D films on a 3DS is sweet enough for me.

Nintendo, though, let it slip today that “users will soon have access to an additional library of select movies that can be viewed in 3D without the need for special glasses”. So, there’s that for those of you who want it. [Update: Nintendo claimed it was just talking about its ‘short-form video service, so… the 3D movie thing isn’t happening.]

Anyway, some quick impressions on the app!

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Netflix, two VC games hit eShop tomorrow

Never mind that Japan and Europe get the Nintendo Video app today — tomorrow, 3DS owners in the U.S. will receive the free Netflix app, which will allow subscribers to stream movies and TV shows on their portable!

Two Game Boy titles will also drop on the eShop tomorrow: Game & Watch Gallery and Baseball.

Nintendo of America hasn’t been the most loved publisher lately, but now everything’s coming up Tiny Cartridge!

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Nintendo Video hits the West this week

Nintendo Video, the 3DS app that delivers 2D and 3D video content (e.g. cartoons, documentaries, movie trailers, TV shows, etc.) to your system will release in Europe this Wednesday — there’s no word yet on whether it will hit North America’s eShop then, too.

When the service releases in the U.S., it will have country-specific content, like Japan’s Game Center CX episodes or Germany’s ZDF.Archive library. I’m crossing my fingers for something more than just Nintendo Week updates!

And if we’re really lucky, maybe we’ll get the 3DS Netflix app this week, too. It’s due some time this summer…

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Netflix for 3DS, Ocarina of Time 3D screens

Today’s Nintendo keynote at the Game Developers Conference revealed more than just a new Super Mario game and president/CEO Satoru Iwata’s decades-old boss status; we also received some 3DS announcements!:

  • Starting this summer, the 3DS will allow Netflix subscribers to directly stream movies/TV shows on their portable, similar to Wii’s Netflix app

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New interface, disc-less app for Netflix Wii

You might have already heard that Netflix released a downloadable Wii channel to replace the clumsy disc setup it used before to stream Instant Queue films. The PS3 received something similar today, suggesting that Xbox 360’s Netflix app exclusivity deal expired.

Anyway, what other sites didn’t tell you is that this free app features a new user interface showing more films and categories on the screen at a time (scroll through with up/down buttons), as well as allowing you to search through the catalog by punching in letters.

I’d heard that Netflix began sending out physical discs with this new UI to subscribers/Wii owners several weeks ago, so I’m happy to hear that the update made it into the app! I know we haven’t mentioned Wii’s Netflix support here at all before, but my wife and I watch movies instantly on the system allllllll the time.

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