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Nintendo breaks down how Nintendo Network, Miiverse, and the browser will work for Wii U in this video that sums up previously outlined information.

There’s not much new here, but I love that Nintendo is using Bill Trinen more in its videos. I’m all for more Bill!

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Someone spotted that the Japanese box for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy bears a logo previously unseen on 3DS games: an orange icon with the text “Nintendo Network.”

Speculation over what Nintendo Network could be ranges from it being a rebranding of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, to it signifying the involvement of an illuminati group conspiring to overprice games, take over the world, and cover up the assassinations of Tupac and Biggie.

3DS Tribe has an analysis that makes sense, theorizing that it’s the 3DS’s online platform with new features like the Friends List’s “Join Friend” option or paid DLC (Theatrhythm will have downloadable songs).

It seems to already be used by Mario Kart 7, as evidenced by its “Connecting To Nintendo Network” message when you sign online. The company also registered a domain for NintendoNetwork.net last October, but so far it’s only used the site to promote the 3DS photo contest in Japan.

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