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New Nintendo 3DS update delivers an OK Go music video in 3D. The 3DS releases this Sunday, but Nintendo has already put out an update that includes this "White Knuckles" clip (appropriate with Nintendogs + Cats as a launch title) and SpotPass/Network enhancements.

Presumably, this firmware release does not affect 3DS flashcarts like the R4i 3DS (these devices only allow users to load DS software for now, not 3DS games).

You won’t get to keep the video for too long, though, as it ends with the following message: “We hope you enjoyed ‘White Knuckles’ by OK Go. Please note this video will be deleted with the next system update.” :o/

[Update: Nintendo 3DS systems in Europe also received its own system update with a one and a half minute 3D video of “people skydiving, fireworks, [and] animals”.]

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