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Anamanaguchi • Airbrushed (Single)

"Airbrushed" by Anamanaguchi, one of two tracks from the chip-rock group’s latest single release. The band plans to put out a free release like this every two week! I guess Anamanaguchi has more time on its hands now that its completed the soundtrack to Ubisoft Montreal’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World game.

Check out the single’s wicked and NSFW cover art, designed by the talented Paul Robertson:

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First look at the Scott Pilgrim video game, and it’s the business. In its PAX East concert last night, chip music rockers Anamanaguchi revealed it’s handling the soundtrack for the game adaptation of the Bryan Lee O’Malley movie/comic.

Paul Robertson, who does some fuck-awesome sprite work for 5th Cell, is providing artwork and animation help for the 8-bit-styled 2D brawler (these shots give me a River City Ransom vibe). If this turns out anything like Robertson’s Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 production, WOO DOGGY.

I wasn’t interested at first when I learned Ubisoft Montreal was creating a Scott Pilgrim game, but Pixeltao’s involvement in the project made me a little curious. Now that I hear Anamanaguchi and Paul Robertson are up in this bitch, this thing sounds like a dream. I’m way more excited after seeing these shots than I was after watching the Scott Pilgrim movie trailer.

The gents at Attract Mode have more details and dozens of exclusive screenshots from the game. Don’t forget that if you visit Attract Mode’s booth at PAX East and mention our site, they’ll give you a 10 percent discount on their rad merch, just like that. That’s how great these dudes are.

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Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter's end credits (DS), which features a twist even M. Night Shamalamadingdong couldn't predict. I would feel guilty spoiling the story if it wasn't for Wikipedia offering its own synopsis.

The whole series was dreamed up by Mario Mike, one of Drawn to Life's minor characters, a human trapped in the Raposa's world! Apparently, in the real world, Mike, his sister Heather, and their parents were in a car accident that left him in a coma. This explains why the Raposa-version of Heather has her face covered in shadow junk.

Unsurprisingly, the kids playing this Drawn to Life sequel were upset to learn that the main characters were actually dolls, and have voiced their rage via Youtube comments:

Dex1nonly: “So basically the entire series was a dream. Fail ending with rubbish credit theme.”

IosonoOtakuman: “The ending of the first game made me cry…BUT THIS ENDING RUINED THE WHOLE GAME!!!!! I’M FURIOUS!!!!!”

kevinyoshi1: “I feel really bad for THQ and Nintendo for coming up with this shitty ending. Pardon my language but..WHAT THE FUCK BITCHES!!! Anyways the game rules!”

JC mentioned here before that Braid artist David Hellman helped with the game; it looks like the ending’s images are his main contribution. For those of you that prefer the game’s spritework, here’s 15 cute GIFs recently posted by 5th Cell’s lead animator Paul Robertson:

Buy: Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii/DS)

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[Via Paul Robertson]

I’ll probably never drink Syke Energy, nor do I endorse the use of “Syke” as a name for a product. But I will totally watch this ad for it, created by Paul Robertson, of Kings of Power 4 Billion% and Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 fame. Many times. I love the rapid-fire mixing of recognizable gameplay styles. Fun fact: Paul worked on animation for DS games including Contra 4 and Lock’s Quest!

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