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Mew Mew Train, a 3DS eShop game coming to Japan Jan. 30. It’s about a cat on a skateboard gathering other cats, and collecting other fish.

That’s not a strange concept; what’s strange to me is that so many people make games that aren’t about cats on skateboards. Why even bother?

[UPDATE: Wow, as Obscure Video Games points out, this is made by Fun Unit Inc., which co-developed a game old DS fanboys might recognize: Atlus SRPG Rondo of Swords.]

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Peakvox Lilirhythm, a new 3DS eShop game coming to Japan. This looks like yet another variation on the rhythm platformer idea, with every step and turn now done on the rhythm, using touchscreen buttons. Interesting!

Previous Peakvox games (Escape Virus, Escape Virus Shooter) have made it to the US, published by NIS America and Teyon. So there’s a chance for this unusual, cute demon-themed rhythm experiment.

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